An Open Letter to Bangladeshi tabloid the Weekly Blitz to stop distribution of false and defamatory news

Published on Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011

Mr. Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury Editor Eastern Commercial Complex, 3rd Floor, Suite 308, 73 Kakrail, Dhaka -1000, Bangladesh Phone: 880-11-91350884, 880-1711-938344, 880-1911-326232 Email:,

Dear Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, I refer to the website publication "Who is this William Gomes? Is found at In this publication you have published my name by using very clear defamatory language, with the apparent deliberate intention to create the impression that "I was sacked from CARITAS being caught red-handed while stealing information". For your kind information I have never employed by Caritas or never caught red handed for stealing information. You said that "twisting the story of one Mary Mondal. At that time, William collected reasonable amount of money from various individuals by selling the story of Mary Mondal." I never twisted the story of Mary Mondal, Mary had also witnessed that to the competent authority of Bangladesh government Including the National Securities of intelligence. You said "It is apprehended that, William Gomes is in fact an infiltrated Islamist agent in the society, whose main mission is to malign various secularist forces and anti-Jihadist forces in Bangladesh. He also is conspiring against the current secularist government as well as promoting pro-Pakistan ideologies here." I refuse the statement I am not Infiltrated Islamist agent. I had also challenged you before in my open letter; please prove where in which court I was accused as an Islamist either in Bangladesh or else where in the world. I am not evolved in any conspiracy against the current secularist government of Bangladesh neither promoting pro Pakistani Ideologies. I am not evolved in trafficking in women. You said in your news" It is learnt that, he was brought into Indian territorry of Kashmir, where he met several members of Islamist terror outfits." I never went to the Indian territorry of Kashmir or met with the members of Islamist terror outfits. You said "He also is alleged to be working for a regional intelligence agency with the mission of sabotaging the current government in Bangladesh." I never worked for a regional intelligence agency. In my best knowledge there is no regional Intelligence agency. You said "William Gomes changes his identity quite frequently. Once he claimed to be a pastor then a Human Rights activist and finally a journalist. There is no evidence of William Gomes working with any of the local newspapers in Bangladesh."

I am a human rights activist and journalist. I do not work for any news paper of Bangladesh but I do work for the reputed news journal Srilnaka Guardian. I get trained by world famous Human rights organization Asian Legal Resource Center and Asian Human Rights Commission. In year 2009 I was trained by Asian Legal Resource Center on "Food Security, corruption and democracy focusing on Human Rights and Rule of law in Bangladesh". In year 2010 I was trained by Asian Human Rights Commission on "Training programme on Interviewing of Victims of Human Rights abuses". I am heading the Human rights organization Christian Development Alternative (CDA). I am leading a small group of Human Rights activists. I do gather primary information of Human rights Violations such as Torture, extra judicial killings, disappearances and share them with Asian Human Rights commission. I am researching on libertarian legal theory and better society from anarchist view. You said "One of his major tasks is to oppose any anti-Semitic and anti-Jihadist forces within Bangladesh. Additionally, his agenda is to defame Bangladesh Armed Forces as well as secularist forces in the country." I oppose your statement, I am not anti-Semitic or jihadist, I donot have any agenda to defame Bangladesh armed forces as well as secularist forces. All these falsehoods have been concocted with the deliberate intent of creating false impressions with malicious motivation. Welcome any kind of investigation from any competent authority of Bangladesh government on what ever false allegation that you have raised against me.

I refer you the Code of Conduct 1993(2002 as amended) for the Newspapers, News Agencies and Journalists of Bangladesh, Framed under clause 11:2(b) of the Press Council Act, (XXV of 1974). Referring the act, I note the section 4, 5, 6,7,8(a),10,12, and you are violating the law. Also referring the section 17 of the said act I demand you to publish the protest as soon as possible in your news site as soon as possible. I also refer you the section 19, 20 "Malicious news should not be published" and "the editor is to accept full responsibility for all publications in the newspaper.'. I hereby refer you to the said law of Bangladesh and demand that you categorically condemn these statements as false and defamatory and tender a public apology forthwith. I also demand that you take all requisite steps to delete all the statements set out above and make a public apology. In the event that you fail to do so forthwith, we reserve the right to take legal action against you for the publication of the defamatory statements, as well as statements that could create public hatred and other serious harm to me.

Further I am sure that I am not the only person who has been treated in this unfair manner by the publication of your website. May I request you to review your entire methodology followed in making such publications and review failures of obligations to maintain accuracy and the truth for the publications you have undertaken.

Thank you William Nicholas Gomes

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