By William Gomes

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury a notorious journalist who is the editor of controversial weekly Blitz, you will not find out the printed edition in market published a news item titled" Conspiracy against Bangladesh" which is against the journalist ethics and a personal attack against me. What he has claimed against me is totally bogus. I have exposed his tie with the Islamic fundamentalist in past.12

Shoaib, who was arrested at Zia International Airport in November, 2003 and charged with sedition in January, 2004 .He questioned about my religious status, I am a Roman catholic by faith and I have no tie with any Islamic fundamentalist now and before. But its Shoaib who was is always doing conspiracy against the people of Bangladesh. I am not to oil any political government; I am always with the people of Bangladesh. Shoaib is a agent of "Mosad" and he was arrested on this link .1 Shoaib is a controversial journalist, and he is the main force to form the Islamic Democratic Party with the Islamic fundamentalist. A prominent journalist Rahnuma Ahmed recently wrote "DGFI features in WikiLeaked cables too. The military's intelligence agency reportedly supported the idea of the Islamist terrorist group Harkatul Jihad Al Islami (HuJi) joining mainstream politics through forming the Islamic Democratic Party before the 2008 general elections. According to a news report, at an IDP-held iftar party, guests included Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, editor, weekly Blitz and a campaigner for awarding official recognition to Israel. 'If Hizb-ut Tahrir,' said Choudhury, 'banned across the countries and had role in the Bali blasts, and anti-Liberation forces like Jamaat-e-Islami can operate openly, why can't IDP?' (The Daily Star, September 29, 2008)."2 Later on CID hunts for IDP adviser Azizul Huq and the IDP Chief Sheikh Abdus Salam who is now being grilled on a remand in August 21 grenade attack case.3 Shoaib said in his writing that "It may also be mentioned here that, while Mushrefa Mishu is under police custody, it is almost impossible for William Gomes to interview her on 'several' occasions, as he claimed. It is easily understood that, William Gomes is making such news with the ulterior motive of serving the purpose of anti-Bangladesh elements. William Gomes is claiming in public to be the correspondent of Sri Lanka Guardian, though, according to the newspaper, it does not have any correspondent yet in Bangladesh." In answer to that I am duly a professional journalist and Bangladesh correspondent of Srilanka Guardian. And I have interviewed the Mishu on several occasions and I have the audio taped. I have only one motive to expose who the present government toghter with the police and intelligence is oppressing the labor rights activist and illegally arresting an innocent woman. I am the executive Director of Human Rights organization Christian Development Alternative (CDA) ,I am active in Human rights activism. Some of my recent work reported in different news media (,) I was attacked by Islamic fundamentalists, if I have tie with Islamic fundament mentalist why the Islamic fundamentalist attacked me ? 9 Prominent Indian write and Human rights activist Mahasweta Devi wrote herself to the prime minister to free the labor rights actvist. The letter was available on different site, I collected from a source and the writing of Mahasweta Devi was published in diffrent newspapers. Shoaib wrote in his writing "It is suspected that, Gomes is receiving fund from foreign intelligence with the mission of damaging the image of the current ruling party in Bangladesh." I am not attached with any foreign or nation's intelligence agency. I will urge shoiab not to assume to do subjective journalism. Shoaib said I am attached with " illegal activities including trafficking of Bangladeshi women. In 2008, William trafficked out Mrs. Sima D. Silva, wife of James D. Silva [a Jehovah's Witness] and their daughter." This is false claim I have never involved with shuch activities of trafficking women. The In 2008, William trafficked out Mrs. Sima D. Silva, wife of James D went to India for seeking asylum after some periods they came back to Bangladesh and they are in Bangladesh.
Shoaib is trying to come in focus by writing against me. He is now in fight with his former friend Dr.Richard Benkin.4 Shoaib was the managing director of Inqilab Television, a private television venture run by the leading Islamist party in Bangladesh, the Jamaat-e-Islami. He was also a correspondent for the Daily Inqilab, the mouth-piece of Jamaat-e-Islami and published by (until his death last year) well-known war criminal and leading Islamist Maulana Abdul Mannan. Yes,Shoaib is an Islamist. Shoib was arrested in July 17, 1999 on charge of sending e-mail to the then prime minister Sheikh Hasina, her family members and some influential ministers threatening their lives. Charges were pressed against him on May 3 in 2000 and he was jailed for six months. 5-6 Shoaib is applying his yellow journalism on prominent Professor Anu Mahmud who is demanding release of detained garment workers leader Moshrefa Mishu.In the writing Shoaib said "If Bangladeshi government will pay any heed to what Professor Anu Mahmud demanded, it will certainly put Dhaka-Washington relations into the worst ever crisis. And of course, in that case, the worst sufferers will be textile and readymade garments exporters of Bangladesh, who earn billions by exporting products to US market. Do we see any similarity between Mishu and Professor Mahmud's agenda?" He is much worried about the USA Bangladesh relationship rather than the RMG workers who are our poor brothers and sisters and they are very ill treated and poorly paid. I am raising my voice against the imperialism and against the suppressing power whoever in the power to suppress and oppress the poor I will make sure to raise my voice against the injustice. 7 Its nothing new for controversial journalist shoaib to practice yellow journalism , previously he titled a news "New conspiracy against Bangladesh" where he personally attacked Economist Anu Muhammad and Playwright and cultural activist, Mamunur Rashid and talk by the side of Bangladesh army. I dream for a nation where there will be no torture, where poor worker will be well paid, where imperialist will not rule us. Where the human rights will be promoted and protected. Capitalism encourages the negative aspects of human nature, supplanting values such as mercy, kindness, justice and compassion in favor of greed, selfishness and blind ambition. I share the political goals of Marxists, for example replacing capitalism with socialism, which should in turn be followed by communism at a later point in the future. At any point even in gun point, if that cause my life I will stand against the suppressing Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI), the Bangladesh's Military Intelligence is behind the arrest of labor rights activist Moshrefa Mishu. I am against the inhuman torture, cross fire, disappearance which is mainly guided by DGFI and RAB. He even applied the yellow journalism against my friend exiled journalism Jahangir Alam Akash.11 I will ask the controversial journalist Shoaib to ask apology openly for his yellow journalism against me in his writing "Conspiracy against Bangladesh".


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