Published on Sunday, 6 June 2010

~ Sujit Das

At sunrise one will see a great fire, Noise and light extending towards "Aquilon:" Within the circle death and one will hear cries, Through steel, fire, famine, death awaiting them.

From Nostradamus (Century II, Quatrain 91)

[A note to the readers: In writing this article, I have been acutely conscious that my purpose and perspective might very easily be misunderstood, particularly at the very first glance of the name of this article, the readers might come to a wrong conclusion about me.

I write this article with a very specific aim in my mind. According to Islamic history, when Prophet Muhammad blockaded the fort of the Banu Qaynuqa for fifteen days, the Jews surrendered. Muhammad wanted to kill all of them but Ibn Ubayy seized hold of Muhammad, protested and adamantly reminded him, "By God, if I were in your place I would fear a reversal of fortune". Hearing this, the cowardly Muhammad turned pale as he realized that all the people of Medinah were against him.

Today, the 21st century Nuclear Prophet of Islam possesses a similar threat to the peace-loving Israeli Jews. This neo Hitler from the desert wants to annihilate all the Israelis by nuking them. Through this article I want to convey the message of Ibn Ubayy to him. This monster of the Middle-East must realize that, today the whole non-Muslim world stands in support of the Jews brethren. By God, if there is a reversal of fortune, this Iranian psychopath will witness in horror gigantic mushroom clouds rising over, not from Israel, but from two holy cities of Islam and the sky lit up brighter than a thousand splendid suns.]

On December 7, 1941 Japanese forces attacked United States naval and air bases in the Hawaiian Islands and scored a major victory. Over 2300 US military personnel lost their lives and the United States' Pacific fleet was completely devastated. It was a surprise attack for which US was not prepared. The next day President Franklin Roosevelt called for a declaration of war, and described (Montefiore, 2005, p. 105) the Japanese attack as "a date which will live in infamy."

On September 9, 2011 a series of coordinated suicide attacks by al-Qaeda upon the United States caused death of estimated 3000 innocent people. The mighty twin towers of the World Trade Center and surrounding buildings, and part of the Pentagon building collapsed.

There were reports and even pictures of rejoicing on the streets in Arab and other Muslim cities at the news from New York. A response came from Hamas weekly "Allah has answered our prayers",

(Lewis, 2003. p. 132,134)

President George Bush addressed (Richardson, 2006, p. 19) to the Nation,

Today, our nation saw evil, the very worst of human nature.

Both December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001 were tragic days in the fabric of American history because both were acts of aggression. Both incidents were used to ignite passion, fuel patriotism and unity in the hearts of American, and to justify the US taking strong military action – one was declared and another undeclared (Congress has not officially declared war on Afghanistan).

Japan and the United States were not officially at war, although hostilities were threatening. Pearl Harbor was a crime because the Japanese struck first. Roosevelt knew that sooner or later, war with Hitler was inevitable. Bush must have felt the same regarding Islamic terrorists. Had the attacks been prevented, America might not have entered World War II or embarked on the 'War on Terror'. In both cases, the sheer magnitude of the destruction caused America to reassess its standing in the world and conclude that decisive action was absolutely required. Over the years few critics have disagreed with the above judgments.

There are some striking similarities between these two deadly attacks. Firstly, both were surprise attacks causing huge death and destruction, finding America not prepared, like a stabbing to its back that made US to change its foreign policy drastically. Against Japan, US started a conflict with a foreign country, while with the 9/11 attack, America entered in war against an invisible enemy, the international terrorist network of Al-Qaida, lead by Osama Bin Laden. The enemy was focused on the "wicked country" Afghanistan. Another similarity is that in both cases, airplanes were involved, although for Pearl Harbor, there were Japanese military aircrafts (dive bombers, a torpedo plane, and a fighter aircraft) and, for the twin towers, there were civil airplanes hijacked by suicide terrorists.

Also, both incidents were planned well in advance. The attacks succeeded because intelligence services in both cases were not capable in breaking codes, or analyzing the data in a prompt and timely manner. Then there were conspiracy theories. For both episodes, there's the terrible suspect that some sectors of US administration, including the two Presidents, Roosevelt and Bush could have, at least, eased or allowed these attack, to divert US policy and public opinion to a direct intervention in a conflict, against Japan and against the international terrorism. However, these conspiracy theories are entirely without merit and hence they are not part of present discussion.

Now let us look at the dissimilarities. In Pearl Harbor naval soldiers died and there were hardly any civilian death. In the 9/11 attacks civilians died. As a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan was destroyed like no other country in history. By executive order of President Truman, US dropped the nuclear weapon "Little Boy" on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, followed by the detonation of "Fat Man" over Nagasaki on August 9. Japan started an aggressive war and they had to pay for it. The Second World War ended quickly with Japan's surrender on August 15.

Today history is on the verge of repeating itself. There is a strange and out of the world connection between 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. The Pearl Harbor bombing resulted in a nuclear disaster and then the end of Second World War. With 9/11 incident the war against terrorism started, but it is still very far from being won. Since the end is nowhere near in sight, it is very worrying for all of us – where the world is heading?

There is only one lesson we learn from history that we learn nothing from it. Neither Osama Bin Laden nor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and others of their type learnt anything from Hiroshima. The New York Times reported that before September 11 the US had intercepted an Al-Qaeda message that Laden was planning a major attack against America. We understand that Laden is a terrorist, but what about Ahmadinejad? Being the President and the main political leader of an independent Nation, rich with oil revenue, how can he openly describe Israel as a "disgraceful blot"? Not only this; by recalling the late Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of Iran's Islamic revolution, he said, "As the Imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map" (Alexander & Hoeing, 2008, p. 32, 194) and "very soon this 'stain of disgrace' [Israel] will be purged from the centre of the Islamic world" (Bostom, 2008, p. 149).

When a gentleman of such high rank openly expresses such a desire, heed should be paid. This new Hitler is racing against time to secure a nuclear weapon capability by his uranium enrichment programme, an early step towards such an ability. If Ahmadinejad's nuclear program continues to progress at its current rate, he will build a bomb before President Obama's current term in office expires.

Iran's ballistic missile programme magnifies the threat. With technological help from North Korea, Iran fields a Shahab-3 missile whose 1300 km range encompasses Israel. This missile has the payload capacity (about 1tonne) and airframe diameter (greater than 1.2 m) necessary to carry a nuclear warhead. In September 2007, Iran was reported to be working on an 1800 km-range missile known as Ghadr-1. A further development of Shahab-3 is named Shahab-5 or BM-25 which has a range of 2500 km. It can reach many parts of Europe (Schiff, 2006). There are confirmed reports that Iran seeks to build *Shahab-6 *medium-range missiles with ranges of 4500 km to 5500 km which would put most European cities including London within its range. All these missiles are capable to deliver weapons of mass destruction. According to a confirmed report, Iran had purchased twelve old X-55 cruise missiles from a Ukrainian black market which can carry nuclear weapons and has a 3000 km range (Fitzpatrick, 2008, p. 17-8). It would be a grave mistake not to take Ahmadinejad seriously.

Ahmadinejad is a superstitious man. He is deeply committed to the Islamic Messiah, al-Mahdi, the 'Hidden Imam' who is yet to come. According to Shia belief, this Imam can appear only when the world is in a state of chaos and subjugation. He is supposed to appear shortly before the Day of Judgment (Rippin, 2005, p. 127) and bring a law more perfect than the Shari'a (Pipes, 1983, p. 64). These bizarre Shia stories had eaten away Ahmadinejad's brain and made him delusional to such a degree that truth is a fairytale for him. He believes that he was "directed by Allah to pave the way for the glorious appearance of the Mahdi" and he is to personally prepare the world for the coming Mahdi (Young, 2009, p. 115). According to Ahmadinejad (Nasr, 2007, p. 133-4), the real ruler of Iran is this occulted Imam. He even instructed his cabinet to sign a symbolic pledge of allegiance to the Imam.

Ahmadinejad is not a religious leader. He is a politician. He had mixed religion with politics, or, more correctly, using religious sentiment for political gain. Keeping in mind the terrible atrocities that have been perpetrated throughout history in the name of religion, today anyone who is raised in a modern democratic society realizes the imperative of separating religion and politics. Painful history has shown the great dangers that arise when these two are intertwined (Wangyal, 1975, p. 78). When God, religion and politics are mixed together a deadly combination is formed which can only produce terrible result. Today Ahmadinejad is the most dangerous person in the world.

Ahmadinejad's delusional hatred for the Israel oozes from every verbal exchange. While addressing in a conference titled "The World without Zionism", Ahmadinejad (Alexander & Hoeing, 2008, p. 194) said,

Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury, [while] any [Islamic leader] who recognizes the Zionist regime means he is acknowledging the surrender and defeat of the Islamic world.

Elsewhere Ahmadinejad (Babbin & Gingrich, 2007, p. 111) stated, "*For more than 50 years, the World Arrogance [United States] has tried to give recognition to the existence of this fake regime [Israel]....*"

Addressing an Islamic conference in Teheran in 1992, the Iranian vice-president, Sayed Ayatollah Mohajerani (U.S Congress, 1993, p.165) said,

"*Since Israel continues to possess nuclear weapons, we, the Muslims, must cooperate to produce an atomic bomb, regardless of U.N. efforts to prevent proliferation*."

Former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani argued that nuclear weapons could solve the Israel problem because, as he observed (Matas, 2005, p. 155), "*the use of a nuclear bomb in Israel will leave nothing on the ground, whereas it will only damage the world of Islam*."

According to Ahmadinejad, Israel is the most hated regime in the world. This Iranian warmonger thinks that he can fool the world with his lies. Israel is an island of freedom and prosperity in an area of Islamic darkness, suppression and backwardness. Today Israel is one of the most successful states in spite of severe military threats for over 60 years and Iran, in spite of its oil wealth, still miserably poor. The ideological brothers of Ahmadinejad are equally enthusiastic. We can safely ignore camera-loving Laden dying (already dead?) in a cave, but not the prominent Muslim leaders who stressed the need for a nuclear weapon belonging collectively to Islam. Today these fanatics are more dangerous than Laden.

The notion of an Islamic bomb had existed long before 9/11. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the architect of Pakistan's nuclear program, wrote (Hussain, 2007, p. 158) in 1977,

"*We know that Israel and South Africa have full nuclear capability. The Christian, Jewish and Hindu civilizations have this capability. The communist powers also possess it. Only the Islamic civilization was without it, but that position was about to change*". 

On that day when the nuclear devices were tested in Baluchistan, masses of Muslims rushed onto the streets of the major cities of Pakistan shouting, "*Allahu Akabr! Allahu Akabr!!* ". They danced with joy around models of Pakistan's nuclear missile, marked "Islamic bomb." One student from the Islamic University of Islamabad, Pakistan's capital, said, "*This is Islam's bomb. It has boosted our confidence, and will reinforce the solidarity of all Muslims faced with the West that rejects and despises us. **Muslims unite behind the atomic bomb**!*" Undoubtedly the Pakistanis saw in the bomb a sure sign of Allah's mercy on the Muslims and a panacea for the ills that have plagued Muslims since the end of the golden age of Islam. Friday sermons in mosques all over Pakistan emphasized the importance of Pakistan's nuclear bomb to Islam.

Two extremist leaders of Pakistan described the bombs as defense of the Muslim Ummah against the United States and Israel – the two great enemies of Allah. Today it is an open secret that Pakistan will provide a "nuclear umbrella" for Arab countries in a crisis though India is the main target. After all Pakistan had received financial support from Saudi Arabia and Libya to develop the bombs.

At present Pakistan sees itself as the leader of the entire Muslim world. As Yossef Bodansky, Director of the *Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare* for the US Congress, put it (1998), "*Other Islamist leaders not only supported the Pakistani test, but expected Pakistan to use its nuclear capabilities to further all Islamic causes*."  Whether Pakistan likes the characterization or not, its bomb is an Islamic bomb, and so accepted throughout the Muslim world by both governments and people in the streets.

What's more; several Muslim nations are in mad nuclear arm race while millions of their own people are dying of starvation, disease and civil war. Pakistani nuclear scientist A. Q. Khan had already done his Islamic duty by selling nuclear secrets to Iraq, Iran, Libya and North Korea. There are reports that Kyrgyzstan, Syria and Turkey are also not far behind. Also the collapse of the Soviet Union led to the possibility that former Soviet nuclear weapons might become available on the black market, which is a lure to the Muslim terrorists (Langewiesche, 2008, p. 24) According to an estimation some 250 nukes are missing from Russian stock (Allison, 2005, p. 61). The Muslim bomb is not a myth, it's a reality.

The signs of a nuclear catastrophe in the Third World War are already on the horizon. The doomsday clock already began to tick. Pakistan will surely decide to nuke India at the next Indo-Pak war and once Ahmadinejad's fantastic wishes are fulfilled by his Allah, Israel will face the same fate of India. It does not need an Einstein-like brain to understand that the next Islam-Infidel major clash will go nuclear. When a war is started, no one knows beforehand just what terrible things will happen, but everyone knows that the outcome will be terrible.

That day is not far away, when somewhere in the world, some pious men with beards and prayer caps, propelled by fanatical hatred to the infidels, will first recite few militant verses from the Koran and then decide when and where atomic weapons are to be used. For those who know the Muslim psychology, it is not a question of "if" but "when" the attack is going to happen. The writing is on the wall, those who have eyes, can see it.

Now, in this critical situation what should we do to save our motherland from Islamic bomb? According to the Holy book of Christians; we should love our enemies, do good to those who hate us and we should not resist an evil person. If someone strikes us on the right cheek, we should turn to him the other also (Luke 6:27-29, Matthew 5:39). We can also practice strict nonviolence as preached by the Hindu saint Gandhi and die. But will it solve the problem? As Patton (cited Hall, 2005 p. 123) said,

"Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

Gandhi may not agree but the present author has a practical suggestion. Suppose it is the other way around and we are planning to do to them what they are planning to do to us? As Adolf Hitler (1925, p. 58) wrote in his Mein Kampf,

"*These [terror] tactics are based on an exact calculation of all human weaknesses. They will lead to success with mathematical certainty ****unless the other side learns to fight poison gas with poison gas.***" 

As President Truman advised (Donovan, 1996. p.97),

When you have to deal with a beast you have to treat him as a beast. It is most regrettable but nevertheless true

Once the infidel's security or economic interests are threatened by Muslim bomb, the whole non-Muslim world must unite hands together and take anticipatory action to defend ourselves. The moment we see a potential nuclear threat, we will strike first to begin a war. Let us fight the **'****poison gas with poison gas'** *i.e*., Muslim bomb with an infidel bomb. In stead of Pakistani fanatics or Ahmadinejad killing Hindus or Jews and Christians we will sneak into Muslim lands and murder them *en masse *for no better reason than that they are Muslims. Let us slaughter them without mercy or humanity. Let us spill their blood and shoot them in the forehead and let the Muslim blood run on the streets.

Let us treat the Muslims as rabid dogs or creatures of gutters. Let the Hindus celebrate *Holi* (a spring festival celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and others celebrated by people throwing colored powder and colored water at each other) with Muslim blood. Let us burn their homes with their children inside. Let us dishonor their women. Let us wipe out Islam from the face of the earth by killing a large number of Muslims by nuking Mecca and Medina – the two terrorist cities on the earth.

Nuking Mecca and Medina will mark the beginning of the complete destruction of the entire Islamic world. These two terrorist cities should be nuked in such a way that the entire region remains uninhabitable for the next half a century. We should use a modern 150-kiloton hydrogen fusion device for this very important job. In fact if we nuke the cities during Hajj ceremony, we will be able to kill some two million more Muslims. If necessary we should repeat it again and again if Muslims try to clean up the places. This will bring Allah to his knees. Let this evil bloodsucking god of Islam drink Muslim blood as much it wants.

If the Muslims want to shift their Ka'ba to a secondary location, then that location also needs to be destroyed by strong military action. Islam should be declared a banned religion and anyone found with a Koran should be killed on the spot. All the mosques should be flattened on the ground and pig farm to be raised. All confiscated copies of Koran should be burnt.

Once Mecca and Media are thoroughly 'glassified', President Ahmadinejad, the henchman of Allah, will give way to logical thinking. Today not only United States, Israel and India, but literally all the infidel Nations rightly lives in fear of the Muslim bomb. Let Ahmadinejad and his ideological brothers taste their own medicine.

A wrong step of Ahmadinejad or Pakistani fanatics will lead the humankind to Third World War.

The Third World War will be the war between *Dharma* (Justice) and *Adharma* (Injustice) and Dharma will be reestablished on a firm footing after the extinction of *Adharma* forever. Weapons of mass destruction will be used ruthlessly. Though the infidel world will face the biggest onslaught in the history of mankind, the Muslim world will be completely destroyed. Whereas civilians accounted for below 10% of deaths in World War I, they rocketed to over half in World War II, and to somewhere above 80% in wars fought in the 1990s. The Third World War will bring a complete disaster for the *Ummah* and wipe out Muslims in such a large number that *Ummah* will be reduced to a microscopic minority. May be this is the long awaited 'great purification' as foretold in the Holy Scriptures and ancient wisdom.

This evil demolition man of al-Mahadi does not know what's coming his way. According to the Islamic scriptures there will be much bloodshed during the last days of Islam. Bukhari recorded,

*Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said,

Time will pass rapidly, good deeds will decrease, miserliness will be thrown (in the hearts of the people) afflictions will appear and there will be much 'Al−Harj."

They said,

"O Allah's Apostle! What is "Al−Harj?"

He said,

"Killing! Killing!" (Bukhari: 9.83.183)

Narrated Abu Huraira: I heard the truthful and trusted by Allah (i.e., the Prophet) saying, "The destruction of my followers will be through the hands of young men from Quraish." (Bukhari: 9.87.180)

* *

In addition to the above, there are many indications in Islamic scriptures (as example; 3.30.100, 9.84.65 from Shahi Bukhari; 1.0270, 1.0271, 0272 from Shahi Muslim and 2.19.3029, 37.4284 from Sunaan Abu Dawud) about the bloody demise of Islam. Also, according to Ghazali, Muslims will reduce in number until few of them are left. Their wealth will be goats and sheep. They will shift from one cave to another and from one hillock to another with their religion and calamities (cited Kasem, 2008). Is al-Mahadi's trusted assassin aware of all these?

The flames of hell and society's cruel punishment awaiting sinners like Ahmadinejad and his ideological brothers right here on earth. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing headlines like "Jap City No More" brought the news to many. Let Ahmadinejad and Allah's other butchers read a similar headline like "Holy Arab Cities No More". Nuking Japan saved more lives than killed. Nuking Mecca and Medina will not only destroy Islam but it will save the world forever from Islamic terrorism. World War II ended with devastation of Japan and World War III will end with complete annihilation of the Muslim world.

The present author understands the need for a political reassessment in the Middle-East but completely rejects the use of violence to achieve this. He immensely hates the resound like the drums of war and wants to hear the steps of the World march towards interreligious harmony, nonviolence and peaceful coexistence by following the doctrine of universal friendship. He longs for something that makes life worth living. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth is utterly unjustified. No doubt, many harsh words are used but this article is not written to promote violence against Muslims, rather it is written to beat Ahmadinejad with his own weapon. The present author takes full responsibility of this article and in writing this article if he had hurt anyone's feeling, he sincerely apologizes for that. He had not lost his reason and judgment.

But this madman from Iran, President Ahmadinejad is completely unrestrained by reason and judgment. We must be careful to those who appoint themselves as God's executioners. When a Nation elects such a person as their leader the whole world is in danger. Iran has a glorious past. The King of the Persian, Cyrus the great, gave the world its first charter of human rights which predates the Magna Carta by more than one millennium. Ironically, today from the same soil, President Ahmadinejad has nothing better to give to the world except a threat of nuclear annihilation. This man is not capable of leaving a legacy to his people of which they would feel proud.

This madman has no feelings for the common Iranians. He firmly believes in Iranian mythology about the immediate return of the Twelfth Imam. His grasp of this concept has spilled over into his speeches, including an address to the United Nations. Also, one of Ahmadinejad's heroes is the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini, and it was he who said, "… I say, let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world" (Bostom, 2008, p. 149). Ahmadinejad's mindset is not at all different from his Guru. He is intelligent enough to understand that such an attack would mean immediate counterstrikes by Israel that would devastate the Iranian civilian population, but for him human life has no value; he is ready to sacrifice countless number of Iranian lives for his mythological 12th Imam to reappear.

No deadly weapon is fully effective against such a madman. Through this article, the present author appeals to all right thinking common citizens and the honest and upright Journalists of Iran, global opinion makers, human rights groups, and people seated in positions of authority to take a strong stand against this madman. He is not a patriot. A true lover of the Nation cannot, at any time, allow his personal belief, to cause downfall to a whole people. After the Pearl Harbor attack, Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto had supposedly commented that

I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve (Safire, 1993, p. 666)

If Ahmadinejad is not taught to behave like a gentleman, tomorrow every Iranian will repeat the words of Japanese Admiral. This grown up man with a beard still behaves like an immature child. Like an overgrown child, he called on President Bush and the American people twice in 2006 to submit to Islam (Khan, 2009, p. 85). But no one had listened. Once he arms himself with a nuke, most likely he will make the third call before using it.

As long as this madman remains in power he will continue to express such annihilationist sentiments and exhibit his nuclear muscle. The Iranians must understand that under the leadership of Ahmadinejad they are moving closer and closer to the mindset of the Nazis and the Nation is heading for a disaster. Today Iran is in as much danger as any infidel Nation on the globe. If left unchecked, Ahmadinejad will reduce Iran to a savage state. He must be removed from his position at once and put in a mental asylum. That is the right place for him.


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Sujit Das