New feature in Mukto-Mona - Email

Published on Monday, May 24, 2010

Registered members now can email each-other using mukto-mona. To use this feature go to your "Profile".  Watch the left side bar. On the bottom corner of the side-bar you will see "Email" tab. Click on that tab. The email screen will appear with a big blue icon. Click the icon and and send your mail to any registered user. select "Plain text" as mail format. You can select multiple user by pressing CTRL button.


Mukto-mona doesn't have any mailbox yet. The massage will go to email-address(yahoo,gmail etc) of the recipient. So please make sure you've given your valid mail address in your profile ,otherwise you won't be able to receive mail.


Please send some mails to other users, test the  feature and let us know if it is working correctly.


Happy blogging!

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