My Book on Prophet Muhammad's Mental Disorder

Published on Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear valued readers

I have written a book "Unmasking Muhammad; The Malignant Narcissist and his Grand Delusion Allah", which is available for free download.

In this research work, I have shown with enough evidence that Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam was suffering from a mental disorder. The name of this mental disorder is "Malignant Narcissism" and because of his mental illness he thought himself to be a messenger of God. It was his Grand Delusion.

He was also suffering from Hallucinations – both visual and auditory.

In this literature, I have unfolded the mystery of Islam, Qur'an and Allah with step by step explanation. This book is already published in different websites and gaining popularity.

I could make money by publishing this book in print; but I don't want to do so. My intention is to reach maximum number of readers. So I give it for free download. The complete book is in PDF and of 295 pages and written in academic style. I have written this book after a hard research of nine months.

In this treatise I have no intention to test God. I just want to test Muhammad's claim to the title of messenger of God because I cannot blindly accept his claim. Throughout the recorded history of Mankind, many imposters had posed as God-man and fooled us. Muhammad may be a true prophet or he may be an imposter. We must test him to see which he is. Anyone who claims to be a prophet must be prepared to have his prophecy tested.

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This book is not protected under any copyright law. You may download it, distribute it, translate it by any means. In fact you may even publish the book in print for a profit.

I particularly ask the Muslims to read the book and in case they want a debate with me I am ready. But the debate should be in writing.

I am available at,  counter.jihad (AT)

Also, please post your valuable comments after reading this book and if you like the book, please pass the book on to others and encourage them to read.

Thank you

Sujit Das (The Soldier of Truth and Defender of Humanity)

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