Indoctrinated to Hate the Humanity

Published on Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Mr. Jubair Ahmed sent the appended poetry to Texas A&M University listserv, AM-BSALIST@LISTSERV.TAMU.EDU. Even though it is much polished and civilized than the actual doctrine of the 6th century, it contains insult and hatred addressed to those who do not follow his scripture. The listserv and its members of other faiths tolerated discussion and promotion of a particular religion for years. But this time one Ms Sumitra Biswas humbly asked some obvious questions for such hatred to the others. At long last, the community realized that it was not fair for Mr. Ahmed to put such a hateful poetry in the listserv and Sumitra was appreciated for bringing up the issue to the light.

Mr. Ahmed composed this poetry, apparently, because of his sincerity, love and strong devotion to his belief. Unfortunately, each and every verse of his poetry does have enough elements of insult and hatred to the three-fourths of the population of the universe.

What causes a man to realize that the three-fourths of the humanity in this universe is in the wrong path? That is a billion dollar question to solve.

In early nineteen forties, one Anwar Shaikh became the third generation preacher of Islam from his familty in Pakistan. His grandfather, originally a Kashmiri Pundit, converted to Islam and became the first preacher. According to his own testimony, Anwar Shaikh, during the riot of 1947, killed one Hindu father and his son in the same spot as a revenge of Hindus killing Muslims. On the next day he killed one Sikh. After the rampage was over, he fell sad of killing innocent lives. This caused a dramatic change in his live. He searched for the source which inspired him to kill human lives. The Koran he used to preach as profession, he read twice but at a slower pace. He thought he found the answer and soon he embraced a new religion, atheism, leaving behind the religion once his grandfather embraced.

Anwar Shaikh died in 2006. In his later years, he lived in London doing Real Estate business. He dedicated rest of his live to the humanity by writing books denouncing religions.

anwar1 Anwar Shaikh

He said, 'In the heart of all religion, there are three Fs.'

  • Faith – you have to have blind faith without questions or arguments
  • Fear – you have to fear the god the most, because he has built a Hell to punish in the cruelest form possible
  • Favor – you are promised for paradise with rivers of wine, honey, milk and 72 virgins and gilmans with virility of 100 times.

Another interesting statement he made, 'Of all N religions, (N – 1) religions are false; only mine is true. Therefore, all N religions are false.'

I am greatly inspired by his writings. I want to dedicate this little piece as a tribute to him.

15 April 2010, Texas.

Here starts the poetry. From: Jubair Ahmed Subject: [TAMU-BSA] Salam To: AM-BSALIST@LISTSERV.TAMU.EDU Date: Friday, April 2, 2010, 2:04 PM

..:: O Single Muslim! By UmmGhareebah - ::..

O single Muslim! How chaste are you! While others engage in haraam and fulfill their desires, You shun the many calls to sin, For fear of the hellfire!

O single Muslim! How modest are you! While others are 'alone', They loose their fear of Allah, But alone or not, you lower your gaze, Refusing to look at haraam!

O single Muslim! How sensible are you! While others waste away their hours watching bollywold flicks, You spend it worshipping Allah, Fasting and increasing in ilm!

O single Muslim! How devoted are you! While others memorize lyrics to the latest songs, You make an effort to memorize duaas and Quran!

O single Muslim! How upright are you! While others foolishly throw Quran and Sunnah to the side, You strive to learn and implement them both into your life!

O single Muslim! How blessed are you! While others gossip, And partake in useless matters, You spend your time reflecting, And preparing for the herafter!

O single Muslim! How aware are you! While others fall for the first person who plays the sweet card, You know the tricks of shaytan, And remain constantly on guard!

O single Muslim! How steadfast are you! While others loose their modesty and dignity along the way, You remain chaste and honorable, And your sabr only increases each day!

O single Muslim! How fortunate are you! While others rack up sins for forming illicit relationships, You gain reward from Allah for your trials and hardships!

O single Muslim! How intelligent are you! While some make marriage their ultimate goal, You know it's only a means, To reach the final abode!

O single muslim, How wise are you! While others desire spouses, With only beauty and riches, You desire an upright person, With good character and religion!

O single Muslim, How successful are you! While others spend their time in grief, Regretting their foolishness and haste, For your steadfasteness and patience: Allah grants you one of His most righteous slaves!

And O single Muslim, How honored are you! While others who lived in sin, Will be humiliated on Qiyamah, You will be granted honor and shade, On the Day when there is NO shade, Except under the throne of ALLAH!

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