Political Correctness or Suicide?

Published on Thursday, January 7, 2010

Several empires (e.g., Roman, Islamic, British, etc.) have ruled the world in the past for centuries. They all achieved their hegemonies around the world mostly through violence and terror. While the Roman and the British Empires were all about establishing their territorial hegemonies and trades, the Islamic Empire, on the other hand, was only about establishing the religion of Islam around the world.


If some Romans or Brits believe that their lost empire will come back again some day, others will, perhaps, say - that's an absurd view, and a mere thought of that prospect is delusional, to say the least.


How about radical Islamists? They also believe that - Islamic Empire will come again some day to rule the world. Is it probable? Is there anything new left to be offered by Islam so that everyone will start following it? Better yet, is there anything left in any religion that can mesmerize the entire world? Probably not; the fact is - if anything is losing ground in the modern societies, it is the religion. But, that will not stop Islamist from trying to impose their faith onto others, in necessary, through violence. A good place to try their faith is in the Western and the European societies, which are open, hospitable, and governments champion civil liberties. In other words, people and their societies are gullible.  


The countries like America and Britain are now deeply engaged in the ultra liberal self-consciousness competition, known as political correctness. As you know, when a performer becomes self-conscious about his/her moves, the result is a loss of concentration in the performance. American political correctness has already compromised American performance and effectiveness in the war against terrorism. It has become so bad under the current administration that, America is now risking a failure in the fight against global terrorism. Under the influence of the political correctness, America has started to scrutinize its own moves only to find that - the so called politically correct moves are all obsolete tools for fighting terrorism around the world. Yet, they are trying to cling to the ultra liberal ideological ethos. When this happens, all you have is pride and self-denial. This is what America has now. The government machineries are confused about how to fight global terrorism.

Under the influence of political correctness, America is abandoning some of its proven most effective tools in the fight against terrorism. They are unable to make use of their most efficient profiling tools to guard against terrorism. Terrorists know this, and they are taking full advantage of it. America has already abandoned some of the most effective interrogative techniques used for gathering information. They are releasing detained terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, only to see them coming back to haunt them. Abdul Muttallab, the terrorist who wanted to bring down the plane over Detroit, was helped by two other Yemeni terrorists, recently released from Guantanamo Bay. They helped him putting together his diaper-bomb. According to the Pentagon report, ~ 40% of the released detainees have rejoined alQaeda group. The present administration has to release many more such terrorists in order to close down Guantanamo Bay, promised by the current administration. This can't be a good thing for America.


President recently said he will not release anymore detainee to Yemen. That's a retrospective reaction, when we need proactive action from the government to fight terrorism. The fact is - about 50% of the remaining detainees at Guantanamo Bay are from Yemen. From this statistics, anyone, but the US administration, can figure out that Yemen is the hotbed of terrorism, and it is not a good place to release detainee. This shows the utter incompetence of the US administration. They are acting like novices, not pros.


It is quite amusing to hear the outrage of many liberal Americans by the mistreatment of detainees, such as, Khaled Sheikh Muhammad (KSM) during his interrogation at the Guantanamo Bay. The fact that - KSM is the self-proclaimed mastermind of 9/11 and the assassin of Daniel Pearle, the reporter from the Wall Street Journal, who was entrapped in Pakistan during a pre-arranged interview with an al-Qaeda leader, does not make a difference in their minds. Also, it does not matter that the information obtained from KSM has prevented possible bombing at Los Angels. These people want to make a point that they are better than those terrorists. Where else can you find such civility or gullibility? The question is - can this kind of gesture of goodness break the hearts of other terrorists to give up terrorism? Those Americans like to think so.

The present administration wants to hold trials of KSM and many others, like him, in the civilian courts in the New York City. Many evidences, gathered by the US government, are not going to be admissible in the civilian courts due to improper information gathering procedures. Knowing all these, administration is determined to hold these trials in the civilian courts, just to show the world, especially to the Muslim world, the superiority of the American Judicial System. In doing so, they are risking the failure to convict these self-proclaimed terrorists. Terrorist like Abdul Muttallab has a lawyer now, who advised him to shut up. So he did. How will government extract information from him to prevent any future attacks?

America will spend over 200 million dollars to maintain security during these trials, which could have been arranged in the Military Tribunal at a fraction of this cost, and the rest of the money could have been spent for creating thousands of much needed jobs during this depression period. The bare bone truth is - America does not have that money; it's being run on trillions of dollars of debt, and the present government is printing and borrowing money as it is expanding its control and influence over American people. It seems that, the present administration is mainly driven by ideology, socialist ideology - that is, not by the prevailing condition in the country, as well as around the world. The current administration has reduced the war-on-terror to a simple law-and-order affair. In fact, the administration has abandoned the use of the term 'war-on-terror' altogether from the vocabulary, and has introduced a politically correct term, called 'man-made-disaster.' Do you think - this will help America to regain its positive-image in the world, which will help them fighting terrorism around the world? This is the self-consciousness, I am talking about. Isn't it a suicide for America? 


The US administration has just approved another multi-billion dollar project, funded by the Saudi money, to build an Islamic Center near Ground Zero with an intention to promote more tolerant Islam. But the fact is, terrorists will use it as a victory symbol of their attack on 9/11, and this will be one of their success stories for recruiting propaganda. Once again US administration's well intended gesture will be used against them. Such gesture might have a chance - if terrorists were motivated by revenge, not by a cause. Unfortunately, they are motivated by a cause, which overrides everything else. In this game, appeasement does not work; only one side wins, and there is no win-win situation.

The opposition to all these liberal policies of the current administration is also building faster than expected. It is a blessing that American population-mix is quite different form the European and Scandinavian countries. It is much more multinational and multiracial, which might just save America. In spite of government level liberal initiatives of political correctness, Americans are waking up, and the sign is in the air that some other 'change' is coming shortly, perhaps as early as November. The American people are finding out that - single party dominance in both the Congress and the Senate is not a good thing for the America democratic system; it makes the system tyrannical. The 'Tea Party Movement' may just derail America from this suicidal track, and save the country.

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