Attention Please! Someone Needs Our Help Desperately.

Published on Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dear All,

I got this news from some of the organizers and trying to spread as much as I can. I expect the same from all of the MM members and visitors. Please spread the news within your network; all you have to do is just forward this in your circle. Any financial help would be appreciated greatly, needless to emphasize.

We must be able to uphold that humanity is above all.

Thanks For Your Time. Adil

The Original e-mail is attached:

Dear Everybody,

Our friend Imtiaz Rashid (BUET, Civil, Batch'91, Roll 58, Graduation Year 1998, Ex Titumir Hall Resident, Room # 406 North) is now in a very critical situation with malfunctioned Kidney condition as he is resting on only 12% functionality of his both kidneys. His two-year old son and wife are living in Bangladesh. Imtiaz has been married for five years and so far he has not been start his family life in USA. Due to the current economic recession his company got dissolved and he has been out of job for last few months. Please read the following extraction from his e-mail:

"Dear friends and brothers,

I am very sorry to tell you about my bad luck. My time is almost over seems to me. Only the Almighty Allah knows the best about my future. I have been suffering from a chronic kidney disease since 2001. Now it is in most critical stage. I am about to go for kidney dialysis and eventually for kidney transplant."

Imtiaz is planning to get "Kidney Transplant" as soon as Donor available. Dear friends, brothers and sisters this is the time for us to stand beside our friend at this time of life and death. He needs our immediate compassionate friendly support as you know the kidney transplant is very costly and difficult luck dependant (May Allah forgive and help him in this very critical time) procedure. Please try to come forward with your financial contribution up to the maximum possible extent in this time of his dire need. You may deposit cash, check to the following bank account for financial assistant:

Payable to: Direct Deposit:

Majharul Alam Or BM Rubel Siddique Account Number: 898027951603 Routing Number: 026009593 (domestic-within USA) BOFAUS3N (International-other than USA) Bank Name: Bank of America

By Mail: Or you may send you check to: Majharul Alam 925 Imperial Lake Road West Palm Beach, Florida-33413 USA

By Pay Pal:

Pay to: or Here is a link of using PayPal:

You may contact the following persons for any information:

USA Majhar: (561)-676-0958 Rubel: (561)-951-3864 Masud: (561)-629-2604 Nasir: (305)-978-6747 Hannan: (561)-601-4991 Pasha: (520)-248-7748 Pavel: (917)-930-8313

Canada: Khaled: (519)-433-5267

Australia: Waki: 0398760326

Japan: Touhid: 81-090-2975-6616 UK: Quddos: 44-150 922 8545

Germany: Rashed: email:

Please include him in your prayers for his quick recovery and a long healthy life so that he may be blessed with a life to lead along with his little son and lovely wife. May Allah forgive and bless all of us…… Thank you.

Group of Friends

On behalf of Imtiaz

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