Nobel Prize to obama is reckless game of politics!

Published on Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel peace prize has always been controversial. Just imagine a terrorist like Yasser Arafat or an war criminal like Henry Kissinger was awarded for their contribution to 'humanity' where as Gandhi never won Nobel Prize in peace! I guess the last information was enough to puncture the glory of Nobel peace prize and this year's award to US president Barack Obama is just another straw in the same hat of ignominy and disrepute known as Nobel Peace Prize. I am not saying he would not have won it one day because of his peace effort but I believe that is as much as saying, I am trying to discover dark matter and I have a equation too! Then why not Nobel Prize to me? Just imagine this year Nobel winner in Physics, Charles Cao discovered optical fiber in 1978 and he has to wait a bloody 31 years before Nobel committee could agree on his honor and achievement. By 1991, it was extremely clear that optical fiber is the future of backbone long haul communication but even then, it took Nobel committee 18 years to recognize it.

Imagine now what Obama has achieved in peace process. He is trying to appease people in Middle East, leaders in China and military bosses in Pakistan in last couple of months. Will that achieve in peace in return? Did Iran step back even an inch from its aggressive foreign policy towards Israel because of Obama's historic speech in Cairo? Did hamas stop firing rockets to Israel? Has Taliban shown any sign of cutting a peace deal when they bombed UN headquarter in Pakistan? He even dared to keep an appointment with Dalai Lama to appease the Chinese authority! This is as much about Obama's mettle for peace process.

I am not saying that he is not genuinely interested about peace. The question is- what he has finally achieved? Nothing so far in peace process and even if he would eventually achieve anything, it would take years before we can see its ultimate result. Kao was not given Nobel Prize in 1978 because nobody that time knew what would be the future of Optical Fiber.

Alfred Nobel's will stated that the prize should be awarded by a committee of five people elected by the Norwegian Parliament. Norway and Sweden were at that time still united, and with Sweden responsible for all foreign policy, Nobel felt that the prize might be less subject to political corruption if awarded by Norway. However Nobel's best desire could not save the peace prize falling in hand of irresponsible parliamentarians of Norway.

Therefore Mr President, I would request you to decline the Nobel Prize-your personal achievement is much more than a Nobel Laureate and therefore, by declining it you will save the honor of Nobel Peace prize as well as your integrity to be an intelligent state leader.

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