2009 Nobel Prize in Peace - A Joke

Published on Friday, October 9, 2009

2009 Nobel Prize in Peace: A Joke By Adnan Lermontov

         It is a joke for B. H. Obama to win the 2009 Nobel Prize in Peace.

If there is still time, I strongly believe that B. H. Obama should turn the Nobel Prize down.  He should not have accepted it in the first place.  Maybe someday he will deserve it, if he keeps his promises and get things done; but he doesn't deserve it now.  It is true that people cannot deny success; but I do not see that success now.  Yes, let him get people together to make this world a safer place by eliminating the nuclear weapons, hunger and illiteracy.  He certainly has the power to get people together.  But what did he achieve?  At this point he is all words; and a potential figure.  He could succeed.  But would he?  How would the Nobel Committee feel when he fails?  How would Obama feel when he fails?  What would we do with all that shame then?

There are people in this world living in horrible environments risking their lives every day for peace; and here is this man, Obama.  There are organizations in this world working for peace for many years under extreme financial difficulties and risk; and here is this man, Obama.  I think he is in big trouble.  I understand that the Nobel Committee is taking a huge risk here.  And I hope that it pays off.  This prize, this year, should not be viewed as recognition; it is a statement, a statement of warning and request.  I know Obama is smart enough to understand it.  But can he deliver according to his promises?

I would like to put it plainly: I think his ass is in big trouble; accepting this prize now is the biggest mistake of his life.

For now I can only look at this joker, and be entertained.


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