Demand on September 11 from Humanists' Association of Kolkata

Published on Friday, September 11, 2009

DEMAND on 11 September

On this day 16 years ago in Kolkata was born HUMANISTS' ASSOCIATION, preaching 'Humanism' as religion and working for protection of human rights.

Today on 11 September 2009, the newspaper brimmed with sickening news like --

--5 girls die in stampede inside school building --a pharmacy student fights for life in hospital after being ragged by seniors --30 tribal women severely injured by lathicharge carried on by joint (police & military) forces

There are many more inside. One has to close the paper in disgust and disbelief. Is this the world we are living in? How long do we intend to carry on like this?


While the first two of the above can be termed as accident and aberration, what about the third? The planned abuse of human rights going on in the most underdeveloped (or undevelped?) area of West Bengal, known as 'Jangalmahal' is going beyond all norms of civilised society. This is done by the ruling party. Why? Is this some sort of war? Against our own people?

Or are they not 'our own'? They are a little different.They shame us by their poverty, their decades-long neglect and most importantly-- their tenacity, their ability to fight for justice at last! Is that the reason why our leaders and decision-makers cannot bear the sight of them?

Then they need not stop till they finish them all. Exterminate them like some infectitious and obnoxious sore on our society. They can do it fast and finish them all. That, would be a little more humane.

It is more than 3 months now since the war in the forests of Bengal started. Let us not keep quiet any longer, let us be very clear in our views, let us unitedly condemn the very presence of 'Jouthabahini' or joint forces in our own state under any pretext.

We demand withdrawal of joint forces with immediate effect.

Humanists' Association

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