Sometimes I wonder where is the real beauty is it inside me or outside? Swami Shantanand Swarasswati once came to my off in New York and talked about our mind and music. He said if our mind is inside us and all our thoughts springs from the mind then truly we live in our minds. Fine music is pure honey to nourish our minds. We were sitting in 87th floor of the Empire State Building on a deserted evening and swamiji said all roads leads to our mind where we meditate create and contemplate. The best place in our existence. Our nirvana is in the deep of our minds. So cultivate your mind and always travel into the deepest alleys of your mind. Your body is just a shadow, your real YOU is in your mind. This conversation came back into my mind while listening to Ravi Shankar and Anoushka�s following sitar duet. What a powerful music to collect our scattered existence back to our minds. Listen to this from youtube.


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