Mother Teresa's Life Touched Uncountable People

Published on Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Mother Teresa's Life Touched Uncountable People.


By Nirmal L. Gomes, MA


             September 5, the day Blessed Mother Teresa founder of the Missionaries of Charity (MC) died in 1997, reminds the world of her legacy and holy lifestyle. Mother was a loving friend, caring woman to the poorest of the poor, children, slum, homeless, and lepers so her name is well known to people throughout the world.


Her strong faith, devotion, love, service, commitment, and prayers have led her to become an extraordinary woman in the world. On September 5, the whole world fell into mourning when the media spread the news of her death. The world came together in Calcutta to pay tribute to her by joining and attending her funeral.


Blessed Mother Teresa became a servant of God's people. Mother understood and realized her vocation of becoming a servant at the age of twelve, when she heard the word of God, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven… Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God (Matt. 5: 3-9)."  She dedicated her whole life to love and care to the poorest of the poor. Many people wondered to see her services and faith. One time Mother asked by a person, how she could be reduced hungry and poverty from the world by herself! "I can do little by little for the needy people, which would be something important for them. I start doing good things now, but not ending," she replied. A book titled "Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light" published about Mother Teresa's prayerful life, faith in God, and doubts, "In my soul I feel just that terrible pain of loss," she wrote in 1959, "of God not wanting me — of God not being God — of God not existing."


According to the book, this inner turmoil, known by only a handful of her closest colleagues, lasted until her death in 1997. Her writings did not mean that there was no faith on God, no hope, no courage, or no prayer. Rather, all these challenges and frustrations of her life motivated and inspired her deeply to find God and be united with Him through her love, care, and services. The word of the Holy Bible was her lifelong lesson to care and love His people. Mother prayed to God that He would spiritually strengthen her every moment when she was in the dark, when she was lonely, and when she felt, there was no hope. She never stopped her tireless work, prayers, and belief in God. She felt deeply that where there is love, there is God; Where is dark, there is light. There is God…


            Blessed Mother Teresa is an ideal for all of us. Her spirituality, lifestyle, close relationship with God, work, and humor made her an ideal person and living Saint. Her life was full of trust in God. She spoke to God by praying and serving the poor was mild natured. People with millions, indeed billions, of dollars have not had the influence to Mother Teresa. The Holy Spirit inspired Mother Teresa and she deeply reflected the life of Jesus Christ and His works. She shows us a model how to foster peace in the world. The unconditional love and care of Mother Teresa proved to be a most powerful weapon throughout the world for peace. Her life exemplified the Gospel dictum: "When you welcome even a child because of me, you welcome me. And when you welcome me, you welcome the one who sent me (Luke 9:48)."


            People today believe that she is dead, but she is alive among all human beings and will be with human beings forever through her work of love and human dignity. All the works and congregations left in this world remind me that two thousand years old the Roman Ancient poet Horace said, "I shall not wholly die." He was thinking not of his soul, but of his writings, which he hoped would prove immortal. Blessed Mother Teresa has left this world, but she showed us how to pray, love, care, and serve others. Mother was the light of our lives, a nun who taught us by example and with passion what it means to live a faith-driven life of love, care, and service to others. It does not issue which religions we are belongs to, today is the time for us to ask ourselves, what could we learn from her life to make our lives more meaningful? Do we see Blessed Mother Teresa as a model of service to others? Do we teach our children to be thoughtful and kind to others? Of course, we can! We can do uncountable good things for others. Our good works can make a difference and it can make the nation and world livable and peaceful.


(Writer is a specialist in Educational Administration & Policy Studies; Int'l Scholar Winner- recognized by the Center for Global Education, the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, and Freelance Journalist)


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September 2, 2009

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