Litmus test of Converted Muslim terrorists vs. Interfaith Meeting - A cunning Islamic deception!

Published on Monday, June 1, 2009

Litmus test of Converted Muslim terrorists vs. Interfaith Meeting: A cunning Islamic deception!

  By Syed Kamran Mirza June 1, 2009   On May 20, 2009, four young men from Newburgh, N.Y., were arrested by FBI on charge of terrorist plot on two synagogues in the Riverdale section of the Bronx and the simultaneous shooting down of military aircraft in Newburgh. These four men were: Skip to next paragraphJames Cromitie, Onta Williams, David Williams IV, Laguerre Payen—they all were converted to the religion of Islam while inside the prison cells. We all know it very well that—the Islamist mullahs are vigorously proselytizing many criminals in the American prisons.  In fact, American prisons are the most fertile ground for Islamic conversion business in America today and Muslims in general are very proud and happy that lots of prisoners (mostly criminals) are converting to the religion of Islam. Litmus test of conversion: However, my today's write-up is not about Islamic proselytizing utopia; rather this write-up is to prove that—Islamic true teachings are the magical ingredients (drug) for turning any simple man to a deadly terrorist. No other religious scriptural teachings can do what Islam can do! Islam is unique in this quality. Take this case of four men in Newburgh,  New York. All four young men were born in Christian family (Roman Catholic) and they all were converted to Islam in the American prison cells. Though, these young African Americans had violent past and criminal records, by no means they were any terrorists who wanted to harm America by mass destructions or to kill American soldiers by shooting down military air craft. Most of all, these four young Americans were never engaged in jihad against the western infidels for their sheer sympathies towards Muslims of Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq! Most importantly, before their conversion to Islam, they never had any jihadi ummatic mentality to wedge war against their own homeland (America) at all. But the moment these four persons (James Cromitie, Onta Williams, David Williams , Laguerre Payen) were converted from Christianity to Islam—they were instantly transformed into prime candidates to become deadly terrorists. Within very short time of their brain-wash by the deceitful Islamic Imams—they have decided to commit this above mentioned horrific conspiracy of terror plot against their own people they used to honor or revere, and perhaps loved before their conversion to this Islamic cult. Conversion to Islam works like a proven carcinogen (cancer causing chemical identified by the scientists by series of scientific experiments) which will definitely cause deadly cancer if injected to some humans. I can boldly conclude that had these four young Americans from N.Y. were converted to Christianity, or Judaism, or Buddhism or Hinduism etc—they would never plan to do to their own country of birth what these N.Y. Youths were very meticulously planning to do on May 20, 2009. I can bet million dollars to this claim. Once more, Islam indeed passed the Litmus test to become a proven terrorist religion on earth. Of course, this is not the first time Islam passed the litmus test; it happened numerous times throughout the world, during the last decade. Among the Islamic terrorists around the world—at least several dozens of very active and deadly terrorists were from the converted Muslims. Most memorable records are: American Taliban, James Uzzama, Shoe-bomber, dirty bomber Jose Padilla, American al-Qaeda Adam Gadhan—they all are converted Muslims. This 32 year-old Amertican Adam Gadhan was from California a converted muslim who praised 9/11 attack against his own country, remember? So far, we know many al-Qaeda terrorists and Talibans who were converted Muslims. All religious belief systems work like the infectious viruses which I call "faith viruses"! However, these "faith viruses" have different characters too! Not all faith viruses are the same. Islamic virus is the most virulent and lethal of all the "faith viruses" in the world. Take this example: Suppose you have converted 40 westerners in "virus of faith" from various religions as follows: 10 in Islam; 10 in Christianity; 10 in Hindu; and 10 in Buddhism. Very easily, you can find that at least half of the 10 Muslim converts will turn into Islamic terrorists and suicide bombers. Because, converted Muslims are pure believers of Quran and Sunnah (Prophetic traditions) and they are Muslims by the book and more radicalized (read: purified) than those who are Muslims due to their birth in the Muslim parents only!   Ummatic viral infection--Islamic brotherhood:   Islam is the only religion having brotherhood or Ummatic provision. One Muslim is considered brother of only another Muslim. A Muslim can not be a brother of Hindu, Christian or Jews or infidels. Nor any non-muslims could be brother of any Muslim. Muslims are forbidden even to pray for any dead infidels. [Quran:9:84: "And never (O Muhammad) pray for one of them who dieth, nor stand by his grave. Lo! they disbelieved in Allah and His messenger, and they died while they were evil-doers."] Therefore, after their conversion to Islam these four young ex-Christians from N.Y. instantly become Ummatic members and brothers of Muslims of Arab, Afghanistan or Pakistan. They are no longer brothers of any American infidels. Below is one eye-opening quote from one of these newly converted Muslims of N.Y. prison cells:  "You can't tell me anything about the Muslim religion because they're my supporters and they're my family and in fact, they are more of my family than you." Said Onta Williams to his own uncle Richard Williams. Most intriguing point to ponder here is, Onta Williams would never say this to his own blood-linked uncle Richard Williams, before his conversion to Islam. Of course, Onta Williams just followed the Quranic dictum in Toto! Quran asked Muslims to go even against their own father, mother, brother and sisters—in order to protect Islam. Why it always happens to only Muslims converts! Because, Islam is not any normal or conventional religion like all other organized religions like Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism etc. Islam is rather an Arab Imperialistic ideology and heavily organized Cultic faith—called Islamic Ummah (read: Islamic brotherhood). When Islamic Imams/islamists deceitfully claim that—'Islam or Koran does not allow killing any innocent human' they are clearly lying to fool the westerners and this is a very clever act of deception. These Islamists never explain who are actually considered the so called "innocent humans" as per Islamic teachings. According to Islamic principle—only Muslims are the innocent people before the eyes of Allah; and all non-Muslims are dreadfully guilty and criminals (Quran-98:6). This is the 'actual Quranic truth' Islamists never disclose, and by not clarifying the Islamic meaning of "innocent humans" they readily cheat and fool all the non-Muslims big time! Islam never accepts or respect any other religion but Islam (Quran-3:85). The basic 'montra' of Islam is the divine dictum of 'Kalima Tyyaba' which says: "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger".  The very theme of Islam is: Allah is the sole creator of everything on heaven and Earth and Muslims are His only legitimate and righteous people. Remaining all other people (Jews, Christians, Hindus etc.) are simply infidels and hated by Allah. Therefore, in their hearts, Islamists do not recognize any other God or Gods, period. That is the basic reason why most pure Muslims do not respect any other religion and they have big desire to eliminate all other religions and establish Islam as the sole religion on Earth which belongs to only Allah. At least, this is what Holy Quran repeatedly said, and this is what all pure Muslims like OBL's al-Qaeda Jihadis and also most gullible Muslims do believe in their hearts. Islam is the only religion that largely forbids the free practice of other religions in its midst. Saudi Arabia, the cradle of Islam never allows religion other than Islam to practice in their land. On the contrary, Saudi Arabia is spending hundreds of billions of petro-dollars, in order to spread Islam all over the world including America, without any trace of obstacle from the western host nations. Mind that, this is not any so called "radical idea" as the westerners mistakenly like to label them, but this is of course, the real belief system of true Islam established according to Holy Quran and Sunnah. This was the most basic reason why Prophet of Islam declared war against polytheists and he relentlessly fought at least 78 battles killing tens of thousands of unbelieving pagans. Therefore, all human races other than Muslims are not at all "innocent" and they are the prime enemies of Islam. This includes: all non-believers (Idolaters-Hindus, animists, polytheists, Buddhists) and all people of the books (Christians and Jews). In this modern age of (new tide of Islamic vision started by OBL and his al-Qaeda in 1998) Islamic Jihad, Islamists see the west in general and Israel and America in particular, the prime enemies of Islam. Hence, it is alright to kill all non-Muslims by weapons of mass destructions if they can not convert them all. Islam is the most violent and intolerant religion on earth!   Inter-faith meeting an Islamic war of utter deceptions:     These so called "Inter-faith meetings and congregations" are Islamic deception—invented only after 9/11, to avoid repercussions or hate-crimes against Muslim immigrants. This is in fact, an Islamic historical technique of war widely practiced by Prophet of Islam in 7th century to fool the Pagans. Prophet of Islam said: "war is a deception." Present day Islamists also do the same technique of deception practiced by Prophet Muhammad. Any time, any where, Muslims are arrested for terrorism, or some young Muslims were caught red-handed for hatching a terrorism plot, immediately some cunning Islamist Mullahs will come out and will beat the drum saying: "Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. Quran never allows killing any innocent human, Islam is a religion of peace!"  Muslims in general will mostly deny or repudiate that any true Muslims can do terrorism, or Muslims are ever involved in any terrorism around the world. This is simply an act of cover-up or hiding the real face of Islam. This is only to fool the western Medias and western useful idiots.   As usual, right after the incidence in N.Y. on 20th of May,2009, CAIR and some Islamic hypocritical Imams called an inter-faith meeting in NYC, and also CAIR gave a statement in Washington, DC to denounce 'religious hatred orchestrated by those four converted Muslims. Readers can read this cruel joke of deception here: .  CAIR applaud the FBI, the New York Police Department and the other law enforcement agencies that took part to foil this dreadful conspiracy of mass destruction. Muslim mullah Imam Souleimane Konate, of Masjid Aqsa in Harlem  stated: "We are here to condemn this act of terrorism because the act does not have anything to do with Islam. Islam is based on peace, tolerance, brotherhood and love," He also said: "You must learn Islam from the right source. The Koran gives no permission to kill in the name of Allah." Is that right? Islam is a religion of peace and harmony!!! There could be no lie bigger than this statement of Imam Souleimane Konate. This Imam has defeated even the greatest historical champion liar by the name: Goebbells. Fact is, Quran is replete with Allah's clarion call to kill all non-muslims. Just click to this:;  in order to believe what I am telling you folks.   Please consider the fallacy of their motive and dishonesty. Allah even forbade Muslims (Quran-9:84) to pray for any dead non-Muslims! Here they are, playing 'cheating-art technique' of Islamic tolerance with living non-Muslims! What a dreadful mockery and deception of inter-faith meeting!   In fact, there is a mandatory supplication (condemning and asking Allah to give hellish life in the afterlife of all non-Muslims who is dead) for devout Muslims to recite the moment he/she hears any news of the death of any non-muslim. On the contrary, when any Muslim hears the news of the death of a Muslim—he/she should recite a supplication which is asking Allah to reward heaven for the dead Muslim. This is the exact mindset of any devoutly practicing Muslim but they will lie and cheat 100% in the so called inter-faith meetings.   These real Muslims (those perpetrators of inter-faith meetings) are actually following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad. Prophet of Islam did exactly the same in 7th century period, when he came to Medina after having clash with the Majority Pagans at Mecca. He also tried to fool all the affluent Jewish tribes in Medina and nearby area in the name of peace-pact with them, only to buy times, in order to gather his supports from all those poor vagabond Bedouins, luring them with booty (spoils of wars) and then after gathering enough strength attacked those affluent Jewish tribes with full force. Within 10 years, Prophet of Islam killed all men or driven them all out of Arabia and enslaved women and children (Islamic booty) after occupying all their lands and wealth. This is the same technique today's Muslim immigrants try to follow in their land of immigrations. In reality, true muslims can not respect or tolerate any other faith or non-believers (Quran:3:85). But they will show their false tolerance and respect to others, as long as, Muslims remain small minority in the host nations.   Western host nations will fail to understand true character of Muslims and most readers will get hard time to believe what I am writing here. Only ex-muslims like me can tell for sure about the hidden plan and mindsets of Islamists. They will try to fool the host nations by their ridiculous so called "inter-faith" nonsense, as long as, Muslims will remain small minority. The moment Muslims will grow at least 5-10% of the host country, they will expose their real face of Islam.   Their ulterior motive of this modern day jihad is to convert and bring entire mankind under the fold of Islam, the "Only true religion of Allah." That is the main reason why Islamic terrorists are continuously getting silent "nod of consent" from millions of gullible Muslims and hypocritical Islamists. Devout Muslims, (especially in Arab nations, Pakistan and elsewhere) have two-faces: to the western Medias they are professing to oppose terrorism, while in private, they all espouse 'Islamic jihad' which is known as 'Islamic terrorisms' today. Muslims are allowed by Allah to lie for the sake of Islamic success. This is we call Islamic deceptions to fool the western people.   Cunning Islamists like the Imam Souleimane Konate, of Masjid Aqsa in Harlem and likes of him will continue fooling Jewish rabbi and Christian priests and other ignorant westerners by their fake inter-faith meetings [], but they will never forbid those young convert muslims to read hundreds of hateful and coercive and belligerent Quranic verses and Sunnah (Hdiths)—which are the main scriptural teachings continuously and deliberately creating these Islamic terrorists.   As per the Quranic teachings, Muslims always consider western life-style most immoral, unclean, and unethical and they can not emulate western life style for simple belief in Islam. Instead, these Muslims living in the western host nations solemnly do expect and wish that sooner or later, all the western infidels will start emulating the life style of muslim immigrants; hence fulfilling Allah's wish to bring entire Earth under the fold of Islam the only true religion.      References:   1. Suspects in Terror Bombing Plot: Drug Arrests and Prison Conversions:   2.   Interfaith leaders denounce religious hatred in wake of terror-plot arrests   3. Suspects in NY synagogue plot to be in Jail:

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