A Guide to the Qur'anic Contradictions-9

Published on Friday, March 13, 2009

A Guide to the Qur'anic Contradictions-9


Abul Kasem

 After Part-8


(A few readers wanted to know why I am repeating some contradictions. The answer is: I am not repeating; Allah is repeating many verses; I am just following what Allah had done in the Qur'an—Abul Kasem)


Sura 40: al‑Mumin (The Believer) or Gafir (He who Forgives)


40:25 Pharaoh ordered that all the newborn sons of the believers of Moses killed, but to spare their daughters. Contradiction: 20:37‑39 says Pharaoh ordered the killing of infants when Moses was born, and not when Moses turned into an adult.


40:62 He is Allah, the creator and the sustainer of everything, worship none but Allah. Contradiction: 12:100 says Allah allowed Joseph's brothers and his parents to worship Joseph by prostrating before him.

Contradiction: 23:14, 37:125 say there are other creators besides Allah, but Allah is the best creator.


40:65 Allah is eternal; worship none except Him; all praise belongs to Allah. Contradiction: 12:100 says Allah allowed Joseph's brothers and his parents to worship Joseph by prostrating before him.


Sura 41: Ha‑Mim or Ha‑Mim‑Sajda or Fussilat (Revelation well‑expounded)


41:9 Allah created the earth (first) in two days (means Sunday and Monday—ibn Kathir) and He is the Lord of all worlds Contradiction: 79:27‑30 says Allah created the heavens first. Contradiction: 7:54, 10:3, 11:7, 25:59 say six days of creation. Contradiction: 41:12 says Allah created the seven heavens in two days.


41:11 Allah designed the sky as a smoke; He rose towards the smoke, asked the smoke and the earth (i.e. earth was already created) whether they would come together willingly or unwillingly (the smoke is the steam of water—ibn Abbas). Contradiction: 21:30 says heavens and the earth were joined together as one solid mass, then Allah separated them.


41:12 Allah completed in two days (Thursday and Friday—ibn Kathir) the creation of heavens in seven firmaments (first) and (then) earth (that is; the total creation time for the earth and the seven heavens were two days); assigned duties and commands to each heaven, and adorned the lower heaven with lights. Contradiction: 7:54, 10:3, 11:7, 25:59 say Allah created the heavens and earth in six days. Contradiction: 2:117 says Allah creates instantly.



Ad people were unappreciative of Allah's revelations, so Allah destroyed them through a violent wind for several days and warned that penalty for them in the hereafter would be more humiliating. Contradiction: 54:19 says Allah destroyed Ad people in one day. Contradiction: 69:6‑7 says Allah destroyed Ad people in seven nights and eight days.


41:31 The angels are our protectors in this life and in the life hereafter. Contradiction: 2:107, 29:22, and 42:28 say Allah is our only protector. Contradiction: 5:55 and 9:71 say messengers and the believers are our protectors and helpers.


41:37 The sun and the moon are the signs of Allah, but do not worship them; prostrate only to Allah who has created them. Contradiction: 12:100 says Allah allowed Joseph's brethren and his parents to prostrate before Joseph.


Sura 42: as‑Shura (Consultation, Counsel)


42:51 Allah speaks from behind a veil, or through sending a messenger; Allah never speaks directly. Contradiction: 53:11 says Muhammad saw Allah with his own eyes. Contradiction: 2:259 says Allah spoke directly to an ordinary person. Contradiction: 2:36 says Allah spoke directly to Adam. Contradiction: 4:164 says Allah spoke directly to Moses.

Sura 43: az‑Zukhruf (Gold Adornments)


43:55 Pharaoh's insolence greatly annoyed Allah, so He drowned Pharaoh. Contradiction: 10:92 says Allah saved Pharaoh.

Sura 44: ad‑Dukhan (Smoke or Mist)


44:4 On this night (that is, on the night of Laylatul Qadr), Allah decides on all matters. Contradiction: 20:52 and 57:22 says Allah has predetermined our fate even before He created us; everything is predetermined in the preserved tablet.


Sura 45: Jathiya (Bowing the Knees, Kneeling)


45:14 The believers are to forgive the unbelievers; Allah will decide on their punishment and/or reward. Contradiction: 9:5, 9:29 say kill the unbelievers if they do not accept Islam or pay jizya tax.


Sura 47: Muhammad (Prophet Muhammad)


47:15 Believers will be in gardens with rivers of incorruptible water, rivers of milk, rivers of wine, rivers of honey, all kinds of fruits, and grace from Allah. Unbelievers will dwell in fire; they will drink boiling water which will tear their intestines. Contradiction: 5:90, 2:219 say wine is Satan's handiwork.


Sura 51: az‑Zariyaat (Winds that Scatter)


51:56 Allah created the Jinni and human only to worship Him. Contradictions: 3:97, 35:15 say Allah does not need humans and jinns; He is free of all wants. Contradiction: 7:179 says Allah created many men and jinns destined for hell.


Sura 52: at‑Tur (The Mount, The Mountain)


52:34 Allah challenged the unbelievers to compose a book similar to the entire Qur'an. Contradiction: 2:23, 10:38 say Allah challenged the unbelievers to produce one Sura similar to the Qur'an. Contradiction: 11:13 says Allah challenged the unbelievers to compose ten Suras similar to the Qur'an. Contradiction: in 17:88 Allah challenged the entire mankind and the jinni to produce the entire Qur'an. Contradiction: in 28:49 Allah challenged if the unbelievers could produce a book better than the two other books (Moses and Aaron as well as the Torah and the Qur'an—ibn Kathir) then Muhammad would have followed that book.


52:35 Humans were not created out of nothing. Contradiction: 19:9, 19:67 say Allah created a man out of nothing.


End of Part 9.

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