Let the Good Sense Prevail (on BDR Killing)

Published on Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Let the Good Sense Prevail (on BDR Killing)

Zahid Khan


Writing in the early hours of the BDR killing, several "intellectuals", "analysts" and "sympathizers" posted their views in Muktomona Forum (https://muktomona.com) a well reputed forum for the freethinkers around the world.

Except for a very few posts by the moderators of the forum, most of these analysis and comments were based on half-truth, one sided and at times outright political propaganda or implicating either India or Pakistan to the killing. These 'all knowing' personalities writing from their cozy corner in USA, Canada or God knows where have cooked up stories and fabricated facts with their eloquent English that surely can mislead many people and give a wrong picture of the whole episode. One such analysis was by Mr Monsur Ibrahim ( from Maryland USA) which was notoriously titled "BDR Mutiny – Teaching Army a Lesson?" (https://enblog.muktomona.com/?p=174)


Having  the privy of seeing the BDR killing from a close distance in which one of my brother, one school friend and two long time friends got killed, I thought its my moral duty to write against such propagandist and those who are trying to politicizing the killing and propagate their personal/political agenda. My concern is that if these people are allowed to carry on their job unabated, very soon we will have complete disorder in this country and those who all live here (and have not migrated to USA, Canada or other places) will be mostly affected. As a concerned citizen, I voice my protest to people like Mansur and others. I urge them not to view this event from their narrow political perspective or play by their foreign employer.



If it was a question of "teaching a lesson to Army" as Mr Monsur seemed to be too keen to propagate (which I think is a gross mistake by him), one can very easily use Mr Monsur's own logics to validate that the BDR killing was the brain child and act of some rouge elements of the political party that Mr Mansur supports and defend. As he draws reference of the killing of Bnagabandhu in 75, his own logic traps him to rationalize the killing as an act of those who are now in power and have a more reasonable grievance to "teach a lesson" and take revenge. Mr Monsur, not being aware of the weakness of his own logic further elaborates by stating:

"We have seen how political stimulation among soldiers got officers killed indiscriminately".

Indeed, judging by the corner from where such political stimulations were coming prior to the BDR killing, our findings get much more concrete. His foolish logic reaches its nadir when his rebuttals states:


"….How Mujahid could meet chief of government under warrant against him? Why prof. Anwar was tortured for nothing. Who did that? army did that. Even if it was a group, it was not opposed by other army. They have to take the responsibility. They can be partisan, they can interfere illegally and torture some people but the victims cannot tell anything in parliament? How fair is that statement?"

Thank you Mr Monsur, for giving us the reasons of the BDR killing. Thanks a lot.


But are we so gullible? Can we believe such poor partisan reasoning? Or should we leave it for the investigators to find out at least for now. Meanwhile we should remain carefull about people like Mr Monsur Ibrahim (USA) and also urge  the concerned agencies of the government to take note of Mr Monsur's views as he seems to be knowing a lot on the reasons for the killing in BDR.


The perennial problem with people like Mr Monsur is that looking though a particular lens they seem to loose the big picture and the real issue at hand.  The fact that so many people were killed by some criminals of a paramilitary force that was responsible for protecting our border tells us two things: First it was aimed to weaken our national security and second the planners expected a backlash that would have made the situation worse. The diligence and prudence of our leadership could perhaps avoid the backlash for now but the wound surely is not completely healed. They are trying to minimize damage and console the bereaved as we are yet to burry all our dead.  At this critical time, what we need is a by-partisan approach to the problem and not see things from our narrow lenses of politics. I don't bother whether the people behind it was from AL, BNP, Jamat or JP, I don't bother whether it was RAW, ISI, CIA or anyone else behind it…. All are my suspects and I will not take one side or the other (like Mr Monsur or others ) until the investigation is over and all facts are revealed.



Zahid Khan

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