A Guide to the Quranic Contradictions part 8

Published on Sunday, 8 March 2009

A Guide to the Qur'anic Contradictions-8


Abul Kasem

After Part-7

(A few readers wanted to know why I am repeating some contradictions. The answer is: I am not repeating; Allah is repeating many verses; I am just following what Allah had done in the Qur'an—Abul Kasem)

Sura 29: al‑Ankabut (The Spider)

29:8 Parents and children are not to obey each other if either party worships other than Allah. Contradiction: in 17:23, 31:15 Allah asks the new converts to respect their biological parents and siblings even if they remain idolaters/unbelievers.

29:13 Unbelievers are to bear the burden of their own sins, as well as the burdens of deluding others. Contradiction: 11:110 says Allah intentionally creates controversy. Contra diction: 17:15 says whoever goes astray is due to his detriment; no one can bear another person's burden. Contradiction: 20:129 says Allah would have destroyed the unbelievers instantly, but He didn't.

29:27 Allah gave Prophethood to Isaac (younger son of Abraham), Jacob (Isaac's son, i.e., the grandson of Abraham) and Abraham's progeny (Ismail, the eldest son of Abraham). Contradiction: 16:36 says Allah gave prophethood from among every community.

29:29 When Lot admonished his people for their sinful acts of sodomy and highway robbery; they challenged Lot to bring to them the wrath of Allah. Contradiction: 7:82, 26:167, 27:56 say Lot's people wanted to banish Lot from their town.

Sura 30: al‑Rum (The Roman Empire, The Greeks)

30:9 Allah had destroyed many powerful and resourceful nations of the past; Allah did not wrong the unbelievers, but they wronged their souls themselves. Contradiction: 35:8 says Allah guides who He wishes to guide.

Sura 32: as‑Sajdah (Adoration)

32:3 The Qur'an is not forged; it is a warning to people who had no apostle before Muhammad (that is, Qur'an is for the people of Arabian Peninsula. The Qur'an is for the Quraysh to whom no messenger came before—ibn Abbas.) Contradiction: 10:47, 16:36, 35:24 say Allah sent messengers to every people.

32:4 Allah created the heavens (first) and (then) earth and (then) all between them in six days; (then). He is firmly established on His throne; He is the only protector and helper. Contradiction: 41:9‑12 says Allah created the heavens and the earth in eight days. Contradiction: 2:117 says Allah creates instantly. Contradiction: 5:55 says Allah's messengers are the protectors and helpers. Contradiction: in 13:11, 41:31, 50:17‑18, and 82:10 Allah says angels are our protectors.

32:5 Allah rules all affairs from heaven to earth; it takes one day (one thousand years) for any affair to reach Allah's attention; so, a day is one thousand human years to Allah's reckoning. Contradiction: 50:16 says Allah is closer than the jugular vein. Contradiction: 57:4 says Allah is on His Throne. Contradiction: 70:4 says one day of Allah is 50,000 human years.

32:9 Allah fashioned the first man (Adam) in due proportion, breathed His soul into him and gave him faculties of hearing, sight, and feeling. Contradiction: 15:29 says Allah breathed into Adam a soul especially created for Adam.

Sura 34: Saba (The City of Saba)

34:44 Before the Qur'an, Allah did not send any religious books to the Arab pagans, nor did Allah send any prophets to them before Muhammad. Contradiction: 10:47, 16:36, 35:24 say Allah sent messengers to every people.

Sura 35: Fatir (The Creator) or Malaika (The Angels)

35:1 Allah created the heavens and the earth (out of nothing—Yusuf Ali), and added to His creation as He pleased. He appointed angels with up to four wings of two or three or four as messengers. Contradiction: verses 12:109, 21:7, 2520‑21 say Allah sends only men as messengers. Contradiction: 27:82 says Allah sends a beast as a messenger.

35:8 Whoever wants to go astray Allah will lead him there, and whoever wants to be guided, He will guide him (whatever he admires and sees as good in his own desires becomes his religion—ibn Kathir). Contradiction: 30:9 says an individual wrongs his own soul, not Allah.

35:24 There is no community on whom Allah did not send a messenger. Contradiction: 28:46, 32:3, 34:44, 36:6 say before Muhammad Allah did not send any messengers to the Arabs.

35:33 The believers will be in Gardens of Eternity; they will be adorned with bracelets (bangles) of gold and pearls. Contradiction: 39:73 says there is one garden in Islamic Paradise. Contradiction: 76:21 says bracelets/bangles of silver, and their garments will be of silk.

Sura 36: Ya‑Sin

36:6 The Quraysh received no apostle before Muhammad. Contradiction: 10:47, 16:36, 35:24 say Allah sent messengers to every people.

Sura 37: as‑Saffat (Those ranged in Ranks)

37:62‑66 In Islamic hell unbelievers will eat the bitter Zaqqum fruit. Contradiction: 88:6 says the unbelievers will eat only Dari tree. Contradiction: 69:36 says the unbelievers will eat only pus and filth.

37:125 Elias admonished his people for worshipping Baal (a sun god) instead of Allah, the best of creators. Contradiction: 39:62 says Allah is the only creator.

37:145 Allah made the fish throw an emaciated Jonah into a desert. Contradiction: 68:49 says, to show mercy, Allah kept Jonah inside the fish's belly; He did not throw Jonah into a desert.

37:147‑148 Allah sent Jonah (Yunus) to more than a hundred thousand people to believe in him. (After his rescue from the fish's belly Allah sent him to the people of Nineveh, in the region of Mosul—ibn Kathir). Contradiction: 14:4 and 30:47 say Allah sends His messengers only to their own people.

Sura 38: Sad

38:71 Allah informed the angels that He was about to create a man from wet clay. Contradiction: 3:59 says Allah created Adam out of dust. Contradiction: 15:26 says Allah created Adam out of black burnt clay. Contradiction: 19:67 says Allah created human out of nothing. Contradiction: 21:30 says Allah created all living beings from water.

38:75 Allah has two hands; He created Adam with His two hands; so why did Iblis refrain from worshipping Adam? Contradiction: 3:59 says Allah says 'be' and it is.

Sura 39: Az‑Zumar (The Crowds, The Throngs)

39:4 If willed, Allah could have chosen for Himself a son out of His creation. Contradiction: 6:101‑102 says Allah could not have children because He has no consort.

39:30 Just like any other men, Muhammad will surely die. Contradiction: 4:157 says Jesus did not die; Allah raised him up.

39:43 The idols have no power or intelligence (i.e., the idols are dumb); so they cannot intercede; only Allah can intercede. Contradiction: 6:108 says Muhammad must not disparage the idols of the pagans, lest they disparage Allah.

39:62 Allah is the creator of all things; He is the guardian and the disposer of all affairs. Contradiction: 23:14, 37:125 say besides Allah, there are other creators.

End of Part 8

To be continued in part 9.

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