Tragedy Becomes a Comedy

Published on Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tragedy Becomes a Comedy

Sentu Tikadar

Some couple of days ago some US experts commented that India will be vulnerable to more terrorists attacks along the lines of Mumbai attack. "India will continue to face a serious jihadi terrorists threat from Pakistan -based terrorists groups. However India lacks military options that have strategic-level effects without a significant risk of a military response by Pakistan. Neither Indian nor US policy is likely to be able to reduce that threat significantly in the short to medium term", they said. One of them said, " Lashkar e Toiba represents a threat to regional and global security second only to al- Qaida. Although LeT is linked with mainly to the terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir, the operation and ideology of this group transcend the violence directed at India."

" To the chagrin of its citizens, India has also turned out to be a terribly soft state neither able to prevent many of the terrorists acts that have confronted it over the years nor capable of retaliating effectively against either its terrorists adversaries or their state sponsors of Pakistan, " said the experts. This is absolutely true all Indian will agree with this statement. Indian security system has no state of the art infrastructure.Particulary Indian coasts are very unsafe.The Sundarban water of India is unprotected and the West Bengal administration has no headache in this context.

Pakistan will never admit that the Mumbai attackers all were from Pakistan and the attack was planed in its soil.The recoded mobile conversation of Ksab in Punjabi language, the direction received by the terrorists in Punjabi language from their counterparts in Pakistan, the DNA matching of Ksab and the seized MV Kuber (the trawler that bought them from Karachi to Mumbai through sea route), the voice transcripts of known LeT commanders in Pakistani Kashmir who gave congratulatory message to the terrorists, the clothes, the statement of Kasab's father in Pakistan,etc.-all these has no value to Pakistani Government.

The fact -India can not do any thing to Pakistan at present and in future too- is crystal clear to Pakistan. Pakistani administration, whose state policy is to harm India by any means, considers Indian politicians as bunch of clowns. It is true that there are so many bunch of clowns in South block of Parliament. Many Indian also believe it and day by day this belief is getting up. Indian parliament attack by Pakistani proved that South Block politicians are real clown.

Pakistan by hook or crook will prove that in Mumbai attack it has no hands. India is so weak in back bone that she will bear all the Pakistani denial and never can take lethal action against Pakistan. What India can do only to go the UN for help. But UN itself is also very weak. It has basically no power. It is basically a valueless, worthless organization because no one listen to it. It told Bush not to attack Iraq. But Bush attacked Iraq. Did UN take any action against Bush? Any war crime was imposed to Bush? The future of India is full of darkness regarding terror attack. It has enemy inside and outside. The domestic enemy ('ghar satru Bivisan') is more dangerous than outside ones.Separatists insugency in extreme noth, in nort-east and who knows when the same will start where. What is the draw back in the diplomacy ?

The growing friendship between India and Bangladesh new government is a matter of fear for Pakistan. Due to this fear Pakistan had taken another strategy to harm India creating misunderstanding and bitter relation between the two friendly neighbours, Bangladesh and India. Pakistan now wants to use Mumbai-attack- incident as a timely opportunity to use and telling Mumbai terror attack was planned in Bangladesh and HuJI is responsible for this attack in collaboration with domestic enemy of India. Pakistani false investigation along with such baseless statements and the loose action of Indian diplomacy have made Mumbai tragedy a real comedy. Liars are they.Their mentality from top to bottom are corrupted with ill thinking.Their nuclear bomb maker AQ Khan stole the blue print of uranium centrifuge technology from Netherlands when he was working there in his early life and passed to ISI with Bhutto's support. Later he sold the technology to Libya, North Korea and Iran. This example is one of the references of their corrupted minds.

All Indian know that HuJI is no way related with the Mumbai Attack. HuJI, LeT, ISI, al-Quada and other terror groups has interlink with each other but the evidence and proof revealed in the Mumbai massacre HuJI is no way involved in this massacre this time. Bangladeshi and Bharatiya people understand the motive of this blame. Pakistan just wants to divert the attention of the world and the investigating agencies towards Bangladesh. In this way Pakistan wants to protect LeT and help live the Kashmir insurgency. Pakistan hopes India and Bangladesh will start quarrel and the relation between the two democracy becomes bitter. But no one of these two neighbours are fool at all. Certainly the two neighbours will try to uproot the HuJI and other ill doers for the benefit of the two counties.There is a tremendous potency of economic development existing in Bangladesh and in Bharat if the two become real friends to each other. Bharat needs Bangladesh more than that of Bangladesh needs Bharat. If New Delhi understands this then certainly all the bilateral issues and agreement shall be in such a way that will truly help the people of Bangladesh and Bharat. Bharat should not miss the opportunity to make a very good bilateral relationship with Bangladesh.

Sentu Tikadar is a Mechanical Engineer writes from Jakarta. He can be reached at
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