A Guide to the Qur'anic Contradictions (Part-3)

Published on Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Guide to the Qur'anic Contradictions (Part-3)

Abul Kasem

 After 2nd Part

Sura 5: al‑Maeda (The Table Spread)

5:5 Foods of the people of the Book are lawful for Muslims and vice versa. Lawful in marriage (for Muslim men) are: chaste believing women; chaste women of the Book (i.e., Jewish and Christian women). Contradiction: 2:221 says do not marry idolatresses. Contradiction: 9:30 says Christians and the Jews are idolaters.


5:13 The Children of Israel (Jews) tampered with their scriptures and broke their covenant with Allah; Allah made their hearts hard, but Muhammad is to forgive them. Contradiction: 6:34, 6:115 say none can tamper with Allah's words. Contradiction: 9:29 says kill the Jews and Christians unless they pay jizya tax or convert to Islam. Contradiction: 5:54 says the Muslims must be very harsh and stern towards infidels.


5:21 Moses said his people should occupy the holy land (of Palestine, Jerusalem or Jericho). Contradiction: 7:137 says Allah let the Moses' people inherit the land east and west, that is, the land of greater Syria.


5:26 Allah made the wicked people (a faction of children of Israel; they numbered 600,000—Jalalyn) to roam aimlessly for forty years. Contradiction: 7:129 says Allah let the children of Israel inherit Egypt. Contradiction: 7:137 says Allah let the Moses' people inherit the land east and west, that is, the land of greater Syria.


5:32 Killing one person except for a just cause is like slaying the whole people; saving a life is like saving the whole people (killing here refers to a Muslim killing another Muslim and not humanity in general—ibn Kathir). Contradiction: in 5:33 Allah commands Muslims to crucify or behead those who criticize Islam and Muhammad, or do not convert to Islam.


5:41 Allah will not purify the hearts of those Jews who distort the meanings of the Book. Contradiction: 6:34, 6:115 say none can alter the words of Allah.


5:51 Muslims are not to take the Jews and Christians as friends and protectors. Contradiction: 5:82 says Christians are Muslims' closest friends.


5:54 If one turns to be an unbeliever, Allah may bestow His blessings to others who will become Muslims. These Muslims will be humble and friendly to other Muslims but very harsh and stern towards the infidels (unbelievers, the apostates; i.e., these pious Muslims must kill the unbelievers and the apostates). Contradiction: 5:13 says Muhammad is to forgive and overlook the faults of Jews and Christians.


5:55 Real friends are: Allah, His apostle (Muhammad), and the fellowship of pious and charitable believers. Contradiction: 9:116, 17:111, 32:4, 42:28 and 42:31 say Allah is the only protector and helper. Contradiction: 41:30‑32 say angels are our protectors in this life and in the life hereafter.


5:57 Do not take as friends the people of the Book (Jews and Christians), the pagans, and those who mock at Islam. Contradiction: 5:82 says Christians are Muslims' closest friends.


5:69 The believers of the Qur'an, the followers of the Jewish scriptures, the Sabians, the Christians, and those who believe in Allah and the last day shall have no fear. Contradiction: 3:85 says Allah accepts only Islam. Contradiction: in 5:33 Allah commands Muslims to crucify or behead those who criticize Islam and Muhammad, or do not convert to Islam.


5:82 Strongest enemies are the Jews and the pagans; the nearest in love (or friendly) are the Christians. Contradiction: 3:118 says not to be friendly with unbelievers, including Jews and Christians. Contradiction: 5:51 forbids Muslims to be friendly with Jews and Christians. Contradiction: 5:54 says pious Muslims must be harsh and stern towards Jews and Christians, these Muslims must kill Jews and Christians and other infidels.


5:90 Intoxicants (wine and spirits), stones (i.e., stone/idol worshipping), and gambling (playing chess is a form of gambling—ibn Kathir) are Satan's handiwork. Contradiction: 47:15, 83:25 say Satan's handiwork, wine, will flow freely in Islamic Paradise.



Sura 6: al‑Anam (Cattle)

6:12 Allah has prescribed mercy on Himself. Undoubtedly, on the Resurrection day, Allah will gather together mankind. They are responsible for their belief. Contradiction: 14:4, 6:35 say Allah purposely does not guide some people. Contradiction: 10:100 says no soul can believe without Allah's will.


6:14 Allah feeds others, but He does not need any food. Allah commanded Muhammad to be the first person to embrace Islam. Contradiction: 2:37 says Adam was the first Muslim. Contradiction: 2:131, 3:67 say Abraham was the first to accept Islam. Contradiction: 7:143 says Moses was the first Muslim. Contradiction: 26:51 says some Egyptians were the first Muslim.


6:34 Apostles before Muhammad were rejected too; but through patience, constancy, and Allah's help the apostles won. None can alter the words of Allah (Qur'an). Contradiction: 2:79, 3:78, 4:46, 5:13, 5:41, 6:112, 41:43 say the Jews and the Christians tampered with Allah's Books. Contradiction: Allah says in 2:106, 16:101 He changes the Qur'an through abrogation and substitution.


6:38 All creatures, including birds with wings, form communities like human beings; they too will be resurrected (that is, these creatures also have souls).The Qur'an did not omit anything (i.e., the Qur'an is complete). Contradiction: 18:109, 31:27 say all the seven oceans (ink) and all trees (pen) are not enough to write the Qur'an.


6:101‑102 Allah has no consort (wife), so He could not have children (sons) (the polytheists thought that the angels were daughters of Allah; Allah does not have any wives—ibn Kathir). Contradiction: Allah says in 19:21 Mary could have a son without a man (consort), because Allah decreed it so. Contradiction: 39:4 says if willed, Allah could have a son out of His creation, but He didn't. Contradiction: 2:117 says Allah says 'Be and it is'.


6:103 Allah is beyond our vision and comprehension; but He sees and comprehends all things. Allah is not visible. Contradiction: 53:11 says Muhammad, with his own eyes, saw Allah (Muhammad saw with his eyes his Lord—ibn Abbas).


6:112 It is Allah's wish that every messenger will have men and Jinni devils as his enemies, inspiring each other with flowery words. Contradiction: 6:34, 6:115 say none can alter the words of Allah.


6:115 The Qur'an is complete in truth and justice; none can change the Qur'an. Contradiction: 2:106, 16:101 say Allah abrogates and substitutes verses, changing the Qur'an.


6:128 At the approach of death, Jinni misleads many humans; these misguided men will implore Allah for mercy, but Allah will send them to Islamic Hell to dwell there permanently, except if Allah decides otherwise. Contradiction: 2:167 says eternally.


6:130 Allah sends humans and Jinni respectively as messengers to them. Contradiction: 12:109 says Allah sends only men as messengers. Contradiction: 27:82 says Allah also sends a beast as a messenger to mankind. Contradiction: 35:1 says Allah sends angels with wings as messengers.


6:131 Allah will not destroy a city for their sins when their inhabitants are there (that is, a messenger—ibn Kathir). Contradiction: 17:16 says Allah destroys a city by giving its inhabitants warning.



Sura 7: al‑Araf (The Heights)

7:20 Satan lured Adam and his wife (Eve) to transgress Allah's prohibition. Contradiction: 20:120 says Satan lured only Adam to the tree of eternity.


7:54 Allah created the heavens (first) and (then) the earth in six days, and then he rose over His throne. Contradiction: 41:9‑12 says Allah created the earth (two days), the mountains (four days), and the heavens (two days) in total of eight days. Contradiction: 79:27‑30 says Allah created the heavens first. Contradiction: 2:117 says Allah creates instantly.


7:77 So they killed the she-camel and challenged Salih to bring Allah's torment on them. Contradiction: 54:29 says one person took a sword in his hand and killed the she‑camel.


7:82 Lot's people wanted to drive him and his companions (i.e., Lot and his two daughters: Za'ura and Raytha—ibn Abbas) out of their city. (Lot's people were sarcastic to Lot's followers that they are a people who want to be pure from men's anuses and women's anuses—ibn Kathir.) Contradiction: 7:77 and 29:29 say when Lot admonished his people for their sins they challenged Lot to bring upon them Allah's wrath.


7:83 Allah saved Lot (including his daughters—ibn Abbas) but not his wife; she received the torment of Allah. Contradiction: 26:170‑171 says Allah saved Lot and all his followers except an old woman.


7:127 The chiefs of Pharaoh wanted to know if Pharaoh would allow Moses to spread mischief and let the people abandon their gods. Pharaoh then decreed to kill sons of Moses' people, but reprieved their daughters. Contradiction: 28:38 says Pharaoh was the God of his people. They worshipped only Pharaoh and not many gods.


7:136 Allah avenged the betrayal of covenant of Moses' people by drowning Pharaoh and his people in the sea. Contradiction: 10:92 says Allah forgave and saved Pharaoh, and made his dead body a symbol for Pharaoh's progeny. Contradiction: 10:90 says Pharaoh submitted to Islam.


7:137 Allah let the oppressed people (the Children of Israel) inherit (Egypt) the land east and west (this refers to the area of greater Syria—ibn Kathir.) Contradiction: 2:58, 5:21 say Allah let the Moses' people inherit the land of Palestine and Jerusalem.


7:143 Allah spoke directly to Moses, but did not show His face; when Moses looked at the mountain where Allah was hiding, the mountain crumbled and Moses fainted; Moses was the first to believe in Islam. Contradiction: 2:37 says Adam was the first Muslim. Contradiction: 2:131, 3:67 say Abraham was the first Muslim. Contradiction: 6:14 says Muhammad was the first Muslim. Contradiction: 26:51 says some Egyptians were the first Muslims.


7:152 Those who idolized the calf for worshipping incurred the wrath of Allah. Contradiction: 2:52 says Allah forgave them. Contradiction: 2:63 says Allah terrorized the Children of Israel by raising the Mount Sinai above them.


7:179 Allah has made many men and Jinni for hell, they are worse than cattle. Contradictions: in 51:56 Allah says He created men and jinns only to serve (worship) Him. Contradiction: in 35:15 Allah says he does not need human; He is free of all want.


End of Part 3

To be continued in part 4.



Abul Kasem is a Bengali freethinker and is a teacher by profession. He has contributed in Leaving Islam - Apostates Speak Out and Beyond Jihad - Critical Voices from Inside. He has also written extensively on Islam in various websites and is the author of several e-Books including: A Complete Guide to Allah, Root of Terrorism ala Islamic Style, Sex and Sexuality in Islam, Who Authored the Quran? and Women in Islam. Mr. Kasem leaves in Sydney, Australia. His latest contribution is in the book Why We left Islam, edited by Susan Crimp et al.  He can be contacted at abul88@hotmail.com and nirribilli@gmail.com

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