MohaJot is heading towards a big election victory

Published on Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Awami League is heading towards a big election victory

Ajoy Roy


Dear muktomonas,

Here is the latest election update. The Great alliance led by Aami League is heading towards a big election victory. The alliance has already obtained absolute majority in the parliament seats to form a new government. Here is the latest election result:


Grand Alliance: 230 seats

4-Party alliance: 30 seats

Independent & others 6 seats


In other seats Grand alliance is well ahead of its nearest rival. The AL leader Sheikh Hasina called upon her followers to keep themselves calm and sober in the coming victory. She has further asked her followers not bring out victory till the final result is out.


The present victory for AL led alliance not out of love of AL or its alliance, but the people have never forgotten the ill administration of BNP government for their cruelty. Corruption and sympathy for fundamentalism and association with war criminals.  The people gave a slap on the cheek of Khaleda. Excepting her personal victory all her most stalwarts have been defeated.


The most assertive and interesting fact is that voters have buried the Jamatis and thank god all Jamatis are facing defeats except the lone victory of a Jamat in Chittagong.


Let us rejoice for this. People have given their verdict against fundamentalism and war crimes, now it is the solemn duty of the incoming government to try the war criminals.


Another feature of the election that no major incidents of violence directed against minorities was visible except some stray cases here and there. Not a single polling booth was suspended for violence, gross violation of election rules etc. It is a novel achievement on the part of the Election Commission and the Government machinery. .


As expected the loosing BNP-alliance leader accused the care taker government and election commission for failure of holding a free and fair election she has brought in charges of election engineering aiming to put non-BNP parties to power. And in the process, she accused involvement of not only Caretaker government and election commission but even the army. She failed to see her past records and present behaviour.  

Regards to MMs  

Ajoy Roy

Dhaka, Dec 30, 2008