BD General Election and the shakened Minorities

Published on Sunday, December 28, 2008

BD General Election and the shakened Minorities

Ajoy Roy

Dear Muktomonas  

The next general election is set on December 29, 2008. Members of the Minority community which includes religious as well as ethnic are suffering from sense of nervousness, uncertainty & uneasiness. They are afraid of going to the polling booths as the events of 2001 are haunting them even today. Honestly speaking they are shaken.    

I have been extensively traveling the sensitive minority inhabited districts and sub-districts in south as well as in northern parts of Bangladesh meeting local peoples and local civil & police administrations. This time we are working under the banner 'Sampritimancha'(Platform for peace-harmony-tranquility) urging the minorities to shaken off their fear and boldly face the situation. The administration at all levels assured us that it will see that minorities could caste their votes safely without any hindrance and fear. The administration and EC, it seems, are determined to prevent any large scale violence against minority peoples.    

We have set up a network almost all over Bangladesh to keep vigilance on the issue. In this regard we have set up a control & monitoring cell at Dhaka for over all monitoring, to keep in touch with our networks as well with the administration. In any case we do not want the repetition of 2001 episode. Here is our detail of the control cell at Dhaka:


Sampriti Mancha Monitoring Cell Election 2008

52, Dhanmondi Residential Area, Road # 8/A, Dhaka


Cell: 01741018999; 01937062786, 01712504312, 01556327757

Land: 8111323

Please keep in touch with us. Our control cell will work round the clock from December 28, 2008  

Ajoy Roy

From Dhaka    

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