Bombay (Mumbai) Episodes are the Vivid Examples of Pure Mindless Terrorism!

Published on Monday, December 1, 2008

Bombay (Mumbai) Episodes are the Vivid Examples of Pure Mindless Terrorism!

Syed Kamran Mirza



Yes, dear readers, the recent episodes of dastardly massacres in several luxury hotels, train stations, Jewish center, and elsewhere in Bombay, India—are the eye opening pure and unadulterated acts of mindless "terrorism". There could not be any better example of terrorism than what was happening in Bombay (Mumbai), India. World should never confuse "terrorism" with any 'revenge/retaliatory' war by the victims of the mindless terrorism!

For those who either can not differentiate between the terms: "terrorism and war" or, do not quite understand well what is called "terrorism" or, intentionally would like to mix-up or amalgamate the terms: 'Terrorism and War' inside the same bracket by unjustly naming 'war and retaliation' as the so called "state terrorism"—only to confuse gullible people in order to achieve their ulterior motives of justifying these heinous mindless acts of pure terrorisms—can surely learn what is real terrorism from this very episode of Bombay, India.

Terrorism is mostly deceptive, sudden, and clandestine attack and mostly targeted civilians indiscriminately and remains unidentified and stateless vagabonds; although we all know, in this present episode of Bombay, soon the world will know for sure that, as usual, the perpetrators are none other than pure and devout followers of Islamic jihad.

The main and ultimate objectives or message of this mindless terrorism is to disrupt or destroy economic boom of India and also to intimidate all non-Muslims (kaffirs) of the whole world.

Although, the gullible westerners, as well as, most western reporters are meaninglessly asking who these terrorists are, or with whom they are well connected, or are they the same Islamists like jihadi gang of OBL's al-Qaeda Islamic terrorists, etc—obviously, soon we all will learn from the horse's mouth that—these mindless terrorists are indeed "Islamic terrorists" who are the stern followers of Osama Bin Laden's jihadi ideology. In fact, what these terrorists are doing today, are the true examples of what and how Prophet of Islam and his immediate disciples did during the early period of Islam.  Koranic scriptures and ahadiths are the testament of how Prophet of Islam established his ideology of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula, during 7th century period.

Name and so called connection confusions:

No matter what name or names these mindless Islamic terrorists do use—there ultimate connection is of course their giant umbrella: Al-Qaeda jihad—which is well connected to Islam and Koranic teaching. Please consider this analogy: Islamic jihad (terrorism) is a big poisonous tree. Al-Qaeda is the main stem of this tree rooted in the fertile soil (Islam and Koran) and all other hundreds of terrorists in various names are just some branches and sub-branches of the same tree. Taking new names and constantly changing names is the Islamic deceptive technique only to keep non-muslim western gullible in the dark and confusions. They all are connected to main stem of this poisonous tree and their objective and goal is exactly same: to undo western democracies, to destroy western civilization and life style which they dream to replace by their Islamic sharia similar to Talbani Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

This is only a part of larger worldwide declared jihadi programs by OBL—in disguise of various Islamic names, which westerners utterly fail to understand. The sooner this poor world recognizes this dangerous monster of Islamic jihad in disguise of  so called "radical Islamic ideology" of this century, the better and safer will be this poor world and it's inhabitants—the civilized mankind. Surely, our hard earned civilization is under a big threat from these mindless Islamic terrorists!

Syed Kamran Mirza was born in a Muslim family of Bangladesh. After having Ph.D. in Biological science he worked as a teacher in the University in Bangladesh for a period of 12 years, now lives in USA. He is the author of the book, "Roots of Islamic Terrorism" published in 2004. And also authored more than 200 articles scrutinizing in various aspects of Islam, some of which have been published in the reputed journals.

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