A street girl

Published on Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A young man, wearing in winter clothes, came out of a Moscow nightclub two O'clock at night. It was snowing there, and the temperature was -04 degree Celsius.

As he was walking along a lane connecting the nightclub and the highway, he noticed a figure standing by a lamppost on the footpath. There were neither buses nor cars, but a few taxicabs running on the highway. When he came near, he discovered that it was a girl. She was also in winter clothes and puffing a cigarette. As he approached, she turned about and gave him a bright smile. And he returned her smile. The girl waved him to come nearer, whereupon the man moved ahead and stood face to face with the girl.

After taking a long puff at her cigarette, she asked him straight, "Where have you been to?" He replied, "I think you know better." The girl continued without paying attention to his words, "Tell me why you go there." She didn't give him an opportunity to reply and screamed, "You went there to screw girls and couldn't manage any!" She gave a pause and the man kept silent, too. After a while, she said, "I feel sorry for you. Well, let me give you a scope to screw a beautiful girl standing before you. You have to spend some money- two thousand rubles only- and nothing more."

The man took a cigarette from her, lighted and start puffing. A moment later, he took off a glove and begun caressing her face with her naked hand. "You are an attractive girl, and I have fallen in love with you," he said and placed his hand upon her massive boobs. The hooker stopped him from doing further and then yelled, "Give me the money and let's go to your place." But the man didn't follow her words and tried to enter his hand under her winter jacket. She prevented him, "Go away from here."

But the man was not in a mood to obey her. He said, "I will screw you to your heart's content and gave you such an orgasm you haven't experienced yet." At this, she replied, "I am not here to derive pleasure but provide for money. Hand me the cash, take a taxi and let's go to your place." But the man neither gave her the money nor grabbed a taxi and said in a warm tone, "I would devote my life to you." And then he kissed her lips. She turned about and said, "I want two thousand rubles and nothing more." Meanwhile, the man started rubbing her neck with his lips, but she didn't show any response. With a rapid move, he succeeded entering his hand under her jacket and grabbing her boobs. Anyway, while the perpetrator was busy pounding her boobs and rubbing her neck, he felt something like an electric shock on his face. Before having known what happened, he was on the snowy ground. Then he felt her heavy buttock on his chest. Though her vagina was near her mouth, he couldn't dare to imagine licking it, because his face was busy receiving violent blows from the street girl.

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